Nutrition of invincible practices


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\”I made fried sauce noodles yesterday, the dish code is prepared A lot of messy, there are a lot of messy bunch, and it is not enough for a dish in the refrigerator for a long time. It is not good to put it in the refrigerator for a long time. The color is really nutritious together. When you are going to clean up the refrigerator next time, this is also a good way! \”

The details of the ingredients

The main ingredient [ 123]

    Tofu skin

  • A moderate amount
  • A moderate amount

  • Onion A moderate amount
  • ]

  • Shiitake Affairs
  • Leek Affairs
  • Accessories

  • ]
  • Raw soy sauce Affairs
  • Chicken Essence
  • Cooking wine A moderate amount
  • Sugar A moderate amount


A moderate amount

  • salty sweet flavor

  • [ 123] Frying process
  • Ten minutes takes time
  • Ordinary difficulty
Invincible practice steps
  • 营养无敌的做法步骤:1


  • 营养无敌的做法步骤:2 1

    Wash and cut the leek for later use.

  • 营养无敌的做法步骤:3 2

    Shi mushroom foaming after sharing for later use.

  • 营养无敌的做法步骤:4 3

    Wash the shredded shredded tofu skin.

  • 营养无敌的做法步骤:5 4

    Wash the onion and shred it.

  • 营养无敌的做法步骤:6 5

    Wash the shredded and shredded pork.

  • 营养无敌的做法步骤:7 6

    The hot oil in the wok, the green onion ginger and garlic, pour the shredded mushrooms and fry the flavor.

  • 营养无敌的做法步骤:8 7

    Add the onion and stir fry a few times.

  • 营养无敌的做法步骤:9 8

    Put the tofu skin and stir fry.

  • 营养无敌的做法步骤:10 9

    Finally pour in leeks and fry.


Finally adjust the raw soy sauce, salt, chicken essence and stir -fry evenly.

Tips 1. If there is a carrot or red persimmon pepper, it will look better to add the color! 2 Pay attention to the order of the ingredients, especially the leeks, it will be more fragrant before putting it out of the pan! 3. It is said that the mushroom stewed chicken is the best, but if you do n’t like such a strong shiitake mushroom flavor like me, it is a good way to use it after shredding.The slippery taste is good.


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