Not your Ordinary Ice Cream: NOTO will Melt Your Heart with Healthy- Low-Calorie Alternatives

Say hello to NOTO: a brand bringing healthy, low-calorie ice creams and real fruit pops with zero added sugar to the millennial Indian with an incurable sweet tooth. It’s a good-for-you ice cream that you can binge on, guilt free and not just on cheat days.
The brainchild of husband-wife duo Ashni and Varun Sheth, the name NOTO comes from 
a small town in Sicily, Italy that is known for its world-famous gelato and granita; a name the duo fell in love with. Varun is armed with a degree in Culinary Arts from New York. Ashni, on the other hand, a communications major from St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai and design alumni from Istituto Marangoni, Milan, is the Marketing and Communications head- bringing creative flair to NOTO.
NOTO was born to revolutionize the way people consume sweets. It’s a common myth that if it’s easy on the calories, it’s not going to satiate those taste buds, – we aim to disrupt this misconception.   
With each 125 ml tub including only 75-95 calories, 3 grams of fat, 75% less sugar and higher protein compared to regular ice creams; this sweet really is every kind of treat! What it doesn’t include? Preservatives, or artificial sweeteners. Varun Sheth, Director, NOTO shed light on the same, explaining how the team went out of its way to ensure  it tastes just as creamy and delicious as a regular ice cream. 
If you are a fan of popsicles, then NOTO has six flavours that are low-calorie and have ZERO added sugar! The flavours are made with 40% real fruit (unsweetened), apple concentrate (not the one that comes in a tetra pack), vitamin C and prebiotic fibre. The selection includes flavours like – Strawberry Raspberry, Kala Jamun, Imli, Orange, Piña Colada and Mango Coconut! 
Speaking about the brand Ashni said “This generation is exceedingly mindful of what’s on their plate. Diets are no longer a fad but a lifestyle. People want to eat right to feel good. We give them just that. The idea, however, was the result of a personal incident. A minor health scare in 2018 led Varun to get serious about fitness. He came face-to-face with the battle of curbing his sweet cravings in a bid to manage his weight” Elaborating on the same, Varun shared “It got me thinking — life’s real joy is in that extra scoop to celebrate your friend’s promotion, a cupcake too many on your birthday, or more than a generous helping of cake just because. We shouldn’t have to give up on that,” 
Indians have a strong sweet craving, but they also wish to reduce their sugar intake for health reasons. When it comes to their daily sugar binges, the brand provides a healthier, guilt-free alternative.NOTO’s best selling flavours include-Low Calorie Mocha choco-chip, dark chocolate and salted caramel, Pops: Strawberry, Raspberry and Mango Coconut, and Kala Jamun. 
NOTO raised 4 Crores in a pre series funding round from VC Firms and Actor-Producer John Abraham in order to focus on geographical expansion and product development. 
Speaking about the future, Ashni Sheth, Co-founder & Director, NOTO said "Having achieved a loyal customer base in Mumbai, we’re finally spreading our wings and plan to cover all major cities. We want to expand the healthy ice cream vertical, give customers new fun flavors in different formats, and cater to specific lifestyle and dietary requirements such as vegan, keto, high protein and more.  All of this while staying true to what we believe in, being transparent, and not compromising taste. Being available pan-India is the next big thing we would like to work on. while this will be challenging, we feel confident it’s the right approach," 
The brand is available in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, and can be ordered online through the website, Zomato and Swiggy. Those residing in Mumbai can shop the product from Nature’s Basket and Foodhall as well. 
Not your average ice cream, NOTO’s delicacies are the guilt-free answer to your sugar cravings.


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