NEWTRITION X.: Personalised Nutrition meets inventive spirit

This year’s NEWTRITION X., the Innovation Summit all about Personalised Nutrition, will be held as a hybrid event alongside Anuga on 12 October 2021. It will feature nine speakers with presentations in the field of “Personalised Nutrition in practice”. Subjects covered will include ‘Markets and Trends’, ‘Academia and Medicine’, ‘Innovation’ as well as ‘Technology’. One company that smartly combines both innovation and technology is the start-up “Nourished”. Melissa Snover, CEO and founder, will talk about the Nourished business concept of achieving truly customised supplementation using patented 3D printing technology and also addresses topics such as the regulatory framework in her presentation.
The idea behind Nourished is to simplify the way people take supplements and provide formulations tailored to individual consumer needs. In doing so, the UK-based start-up offers chewable gummy stacks enriched with active nutrients. 
Via its website, consumers can create gummy stacks tailored to their needs by answering questions about their individual health and wellbeing, lifestyle, dietary needs and goals. Based on a specially developed algorithm, Nourished then creates the customer’s bespoke nutrient composition from its range of 32 different high impact active ingredients. Once the tailored composition is defined, the stacks are printed using a patented hydrocolloid gel. Every stack consists of seven layers, each containing a specific nutrient or superfood. The state-of-the-art technology allows multiple active ingredients to be layered one by one, without impacting on each other. It also gives them maximum possible bioavailability: up to 99,5 percent of the indicated doses are available for the body to use. 
The Nourished stacks contain the recommended daily amount of each nutrient and come in packs containing one month’s supply. In line with contemporary demands, the stacks are vegan, non-GMO, free from sugar and packaging is plastic-free. 
Melissa Snover says: “I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to share my insights and experiences of Personalised Nutrition at the NEWTRITION X. event. And, of course, I hope to inspire other people. To me, it is still overwhelming to see how what began as a lightbulb moment has developed into the Nourished business as it is today, less than three years later. I see a prosperous future for entrepreneurs in the field of Personalised Nutrition, as more and more people become aware of its benefits. The pandemic has only served to strengthen its relevance.” 
Michael Gusko, Chairman of foodRegio’s focus group Personalised Nutrition, added: “We are thrilled to have secured Melissa as a speaker at NEWTRITION X. In our opinion, Nourished is a best practice example of innovations in Personalised Nutrition. The brand demonstrates that the combination of a smart invention, cutting-edge technology and nutritional experience has the power to revolutionise the dietary supplements sector.” 
Another example in the field of start-ups will be presented by Sergej Vdovitchenko, who will use the Innovation Summit as a platform to introduce the first direct-to-consumer food webshop to use Personalised Nutrition as a guiding principle. The “My Healthy Food” online store aims to combine the benefits of biodiversity through functional ingredients with the world of Personalised Nutrition and the increasing consumer demand for healthier and life-enhancing foods. “My Healthy Food” works closely together with the GoodMills Group which supplies its innovative ingredients to various food manufacturers but also offers them now directly via the “My Healthy Food” platform to end consumers.
NEWTRITION X. will address decision-makers from the food industry, nutrition sector and retail trade working in the fields of innovation, business development, health and wellbeing. Attendees can join the event virtually or in person. Networking and Q&A sessions are planned for between the presentations at Koelnmesse – dependent on coronavirus regulations at the time. For further information and to purchase tickets, please visit:


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