Indian kitchens celebrate tomato. An Omni purpose vegetable, tomatoes can be used from warming up the taste of any gravy based Indian recipe to hot piping nutritious soups. The vegetable is loaded with micro nutrients and fibers coupled with rich and scrumptious texture. 
In fact, every chef will confirm the need of an easy access to garden-ripe, fresh, tomato flavor all year long at a fixed price. However, fluctuating prices, availability and quality makes procuring tomatoes a costly affair for any food service operator. 
Chefs call Tomato Puree a quintessential kitchen essential. HOLYLAND MARKETING PVT. LTD., India’s leading processed food SME, offers Tomato Puree under its flagship brand GOLDEN CROWN. Saving standard cooking time and resources, Golden Crown Tomato Puree helps put together a fast, flavorful meal with a consistent taste. The preservative-free, hassle-free, tomato alternative helps drive memorable tomato taste and flavor allowing chefs to focus on real value-addition to their dishes. 
Choice of many chefs, the product is made from fully ripe, well-developed tomatoes that are carefully processed and concentrated making it an ideal solution for recipes that call for smooth consistency and authentic tomato flavor. 
Speaking about the product, MR. VIJAY KUMAR BUDHRAJA, M.D., HLM, said, “Prominence of tomato consumption has led to the growth of this sector. Our Tomato puree is free from preservatives and is processed in a state-of-the-art plant with world class processing and packaging equipment.” 
Created to enhance the experience of chefs and higher ROI for food service operators, the product is a perfect substitute for the aroma, taste and nutritional value of fresh tomatoes. Available in 850 gm and 3.1 kg canned packaging and 200gm tetra packing, GOLDEN CROWN Tomato Puree is suited for extensive needs of commercial kitchens. The product is available at Big Basket,, LeMarche and many local grocery stores. 
HOLYLAND MARKETING PVT. LTD. has been driving convenience and consistency in food supplies to HoReCa and cloud kitchens through an array of preservative-free products that can add flavors to countless cuisines. 


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