Mushrooms and rapes-the practice of green lotus fragrance_Mitake mushrooms and rapes —- Green lotus drift fragrance_y mushroom rapeseed-green lotus fragrance


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\”I went to Qingdao a few years ago, in an inconspicuous family, I have eaten shiitake mushrooms and rape in the small shop. The shiitake mushrooms and rapes are very special. First, the rapeseeds are marinated. The main seasonings are garlic and large ginger. Put it next to the rapeseed like sauce. The garlic flavor shiitake mushrooms and rapeseed together are particularly delicious, so they also try to make this dish after returning home. It is particularly large, so it is divided into two copies. The roots are made into shiitake mushrooms and rapeseed, and the leaves are used for cold rapeseed leaves.


A moderate amount


A moderate amount

  • [
  • 123] Accessories


A moderate amount


Xiao Xu
Water starch [ 123] Xiao Xu

  • ingredients

  • garlic

  • Half head
  • Da Ginger


Old Pump


    Xiao Xu

  • MSG MSG [ 123] Xiao Xu
  • Salted fresh flavor Stir -fried process
  • Ten minutes takes time

  • [ 123] Simple difficulty
  • Mushrooms and rapeseed-green lotus fragrance steps

  • Wash rape
  • 2

Cut off the head and eat it, leave the stem [123 ]

  • 3 香菇油菜----绿荷漂香的做法步骤:1 Simply fix the root stems with scissors

    [ 123]

  • 4

  • Wash the shiitake mushrooms

    [12]3] 5

    Ding Ding for spare shiitake mushrooms, garlic, ginger

  • 香菇油菜----绿荷漂香的做法步骤:3
    Prepare water starch, take the water starch, put it forCut the meat into Ding Ding for spare

  • 香菇油菜----绿荷漂香的做法步骤:4


    Prepare a small promoty carrot diced

  • 香菇油菜----绿荷漂香的做法步骤:5 8

    Add water to the pot to simmer the rape water

  • 9
    ] After removing the cooling, control it and put on the taste of small salt, MSG marinated in the taste 香菇油菜----绿荷漂香的做法步骤:6

  • 10

  • Put it in after the flavor, put it into the flavor and put it in.In the disk

  • 11

  • Refueling in the pan and heat it to be frying until it is broken

  • 12

  • Put the ginger garlic and stir -fry the fragrance and pour in the shiitake mushrooms and carrots.


  • 13 香菇油菜----绿荷漂香的做法步骤:10 Pour the appropriate amount of old soy sauce

  • 14

  • Pour in an appropriate amount of water


  • Put the small salt and MSG and stir well

  • 香菇油菜----绿荷漂香的做法步骤:12

  • 香菇油菜----绿荷漂香的做法步骤:13]


  • Pour the water starch and pour out the pot and pour it into the rapesele

  • 香菇油菜----绿荷漂香的做法步骤:14


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