Method of colorful coriner dumplings


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[Colorful Milm Dumpling Dumplings according to raw materials, colors, cooked Named by method and shape \”

ingredient details


  • 500 grams
  • Pumpkin Powder Juice

  • 60 ml Carrot juice
  • 60 ml

  • Purple potato juice 60 ml
  • Spinach juice 60 ml
  • Soy milk juice 60 ml
  • Accessories

    200 grams

  • Onion [ 123] A moderate amount
  • Ginger Affairs
  • [123 ] Essential Salt

10 grams

Pepper water

5 ml
Oyster sauce

    25 ml

  • Flower wine ] 5 ml
  • Weisin 2 grams
  • Soy sauce 5 ml
  • Sugar A little ]
  • Salted and fresh flavor Cooking process
  • A consumption time

  • Advanced difficulty ]

The practice of the colorful corona dumplings

  • 1

  • Preparation Good colorful vegetable juice: On the left spinach juice, the right pumpkin juice, the left purple potato juice, the right carrot juice, and a soy milk juice (soy milk is grinding)

[ 123]


When the soy milk juice is cooled, the dough is cooled

  • 五彩香芹肉水饺的做法步骤:1

    500 grams of flour will After the division is divided into 5 equal points, add vegetable juice and noodle dough respectively

  • 五彩香芹肉水饺的做法步骤:2

    Add soy sauce, peppercorns, ginger, oyster sauce and mix with the mix In the container, add cooking wine, sugar, refined salt, sesame oil, and mix of shallots to make fillings

  • 五彩香芹肉水饺的做法步骤:3 5

    Five Noodle dough is rubbed into 1.2 cm thick long strips

  • 6 五彩香芹肉水饺的做法步骤:4 Samping with dry flour, press 10 grams per 10 grams Facial agent, press flat, roll into the middle skin that is slightly thinner in the middle, patch into the stuffing heart, and pinch into dumplings (this figure step)


    [ 123]

  • 7
    Waiting for the water in the curtain 五彩香芹肉水饺的做法步骤:5

  • 8

  • The pot Pour in the middle water and pour into the raw billet. After opening two, add cold water, and then boil it. Press the dumplings to see the skin drum pine armor with your hands.

  • 9

  • Code disk, dipped: garlic into mud, oyster sauce, chili oil, sesame oil, vinegar vinegar [ 123]

    1. The colorful vegetable juice should be filtered out of the residue, and the dough should be rubbed and kneaded. Little belly, not biting stuffing, no broken, not fire when cooking, not owe fire


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