Lavazza coffee romance on Valentine’s Day: what’s behind the classic question ”should we grab a coff

Not only is it the perfect daily boost of energy, but coffee has turned into one of the most-used romantic approaches to have a date. What can coffee say about a person on your first date?

Lavazza reveals the hidden meanings behind a cup of coffee in all its different forms!
It is widely known that nowadays love stories are born in front of a cup of coffee, perhaps in a bar or at a friend’s house. Coffee is the perfect ally of modern love-seekers and speeds up the idea of slowly courting someone, one day at a time. “Should we grab a coffee?” has become the clear synonym of “would you go on a date with me?” because Italian espresso is not just a drink: it is beauty, feeling, friendship and sharing a coffee moment is a gesture of welcome and affection.
There is a whole world behind a cup. Sometimes coffee brings back far-away memories and creates unique moments of sharing: it’s a matter of taste and smell, that make memories as vivid as possible and invite you to embrace and share them as part of your invaluable story. Coffee is a ceremony, marking indelible encounters. It’s the promise of a meeting that will open to new possibilities and sometimes unexpected paths. Coffee is passion and energy, but it also has the magic power to make everyone feel at ease and show the real person they are.
Can coffee tell more about the person you are and the love you are looking for? Committed to celebrating he real Italian coffee experience in all its forms, Lavazza reveals today the hidden clues behind a specific choice of coffee. So, pay attention to what you order, drink and ‘offer’ because it tells more about you than you can expect – both on a first date and on the following ones!
Espresso: the most classic Italian coffee experience. Harmony of taste and smell, it conveys balance and rationality: a solid approach to life and love!
Espresso doppio: a longer coffee experience, that doubles the aroma and taste. Outstanding and remarkable, it shows passion and intensity, for a not-ordinary love story that is super cool and never taken for granted!
Macchiato: milk softens the heat of freshly brewed coffee, as much as control and limitation applied to love let you avoid the risk of being hurt. It’s a defensive approach, that will melt in front of built trust and some warm cuddles.
Cappuccino: a softened taste, without compromising on coffee aroma and heat. It conveys passion in its pure form, that might need a hint of rationality and concreteness to become everlasting!
Espresso with cream: a refined touch of sweetness for a unique coffee experience, that represents the search for a sugary love story made of heart-shaped eyes, long hand-in-hand walks at sunset and romantic dates at candle-light.
Americano: a long-lasting coffee experience, as enveloping and warm as a lovely companion in the coldest mornings – no doubts here, it mirrors the meeting of the prefect soulmate.
Decaf: a coffee experience that lacks caffeine shouts a clear message out. No need of external sources of energy or strength: the approach to love is so energetic and passionate, that it fuels itself day after day!
Espresso in a glassed cup: transparency and delicacy are key of these coffee experience, that recalls a fragile love, that needs to be protected and preserved exactly like a beautifully faceted crystal.