Launch of The Trost: Bringing ancient wellness and holistic practices to the mainstream

With products in three categories; Hemp Nutrition, CBD Oils and Trost Rollens, the brand aims to make cannabis a part of one’s wellness journey and choice of the discerning
Over time we have forgotten the age-old principles of healing and wellness that were always a part of our inherent culture. Life has become fast paced and everyone wants instant gratification, even though people understand the value of slow living, they don’t seem to embrace it. It is these principles of wellbeing from natural sources, sustainable slow practises to ease the pressures of life and find holistic solutions to lifestyle conditions, that ‘The Trost’ took birth. Though the inspiration for the brand came from a stint the founder had in Switzerland, the technology was adapted from there too but the core product was nature’s biggest gift and very much local, Indian flora, the healing Cannabis plant.
 The brand has products defined in three categories; Hemp Nutrition, Cannabis Leaf Extract (CBD), and India’s first cannabis smokable sticks, Trost Rollens based on the Dhoom Dandika (smoke therapy). With an aim to create a revolutionary product that’s focussed entirely on enhancing the quality of a person’s life, The Trost has introduced the ‘rollens’, the most unique offering by the brand. Smokable sticks that are therapy, aid in nicotine de-addiction with a plethora of benefits that come from years of research and millennia of history. The Trost Rollens is India’s first smokable stick with cannabis leaf extract and is available in two variants; The Woody Rollen and The Earthy Rollen. The former is a Tobacco & Nicotine free ayurvedic formulation rolled with therapeutic attributes of 3 herbs, whereas the latter is rolled with therapeutic attributes of 5 herbs.
The Trost is the only brand in India with proprietary Ayurvedic dhoom dandika (Smoke therapy) license, which is not the same as recreational Cannabis. This is a science where medicinal properties have been explored to create unique products. All the products are sold with a valid prescription from a certified ASU practitioner and are for medical use only. Using the highest quality of herbs with MSDS certification, the products are focused on Panchkarma and ancient therapeutic uses of the Cannabis herb. The brand is also conducting CME for continued awareness and education about ancient Ayurvedic remedies for the greater good. 
The Trost aims to break the taboo around a sacred plant like Cannabis, even though it has been widely used across the world for decades. Since it is rarely ethically sourced, the brand aspires to change that perception and create a platform that makes the benefits of cannabis easily accessible for everyone looking to use the plant for its therapeutic, nutritional and medical benefits.
The other two product categories of the brand are Hemp Nutrition and CBD Oils. The Hemp Nutrition segment has Hemp Hearts, Hemp Powder, and Hemp Seed Oil. A simple solution to plant-based protein, the hearts, powder, or seed, can be a part of a number of dishes and help increase a person’s protein intake, in the natural and sustainable form. The CBD Oils range at The Trost lists for its customers four different variants; each aiding in Balance, Pain Relief, Sleep, and Stress, respectively. CBD Oils have been very efficacious in dealing with issues relating to insomnia, neuropathic pains, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and more. The products are available at
For its supervised usage, the Trost Rollens and the CBD Oils will only be available for purchase with a valid prescription. In case one does have a prescription, the brand connects the user to a certified ASU practitioner who will be best able to assist them and prescribe the treatment basis the symptoms. Once a valid prescription is uploaded and presented on the brand website, the products can be purchased and the prescription can then be used again for subsequent purchases.
Founder & CEO, Harshal Goel graduated from City University in London majoring in Business Management and then went for a Business Administration program at Swiss Business School in Zurich majoring in business administration. He holds a certification in Strategic Management from Harvard University as well. A full-time director in RPML Industries involved in the process of manufacturing paper for the past 2 years, he has worked extensively in finance and marketing. He had the opportunity to explore Cannabis-based medicines in Switzerland when in 2017 the use of cannabis was legalized and the company recognized the plant’s medical benefits. Working extensively with Medropharma and Koch & Gsell to develop first of its kind products for the Swiss market, he has now brought this science to his home country where Ayurveda has been using medicinal herbs for healing and wellness for hundreds of years. Speaking about The Trost, he says, “We are excited to get an opportunity to launch and operate in a market like India, which is rich in its knowledge of Ayurvedic practices. Our mission is to break the taboo around this sacred herb and make the plant accessible for anyone looking to benefit from Cannabis in their daily lives. We want to be able to harness the true potential of the plant and make it available in a legal and ethical manner”.


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