Juniper Bar at Andaz Delhi launches Winstatic Gin selections

Warm your soul with these 4 new infusions for the Winter Season
The onset of the winter season marks the arrival of warm comfort foods and beverages. What originated as medicinal liquor back in the day, is now a tipple that’s much sought after all year round. Said to have been popular in the South of France, Gin is now enjoyed all over the world. Gin is also very versatile; it can be infused to create unusual and unique flavours, a concept that’s specific to a bar like, Juniper. With the new season upon us, Juniper Bar – India’s first Gin Bar at Andaz Delhi – has launched 4 Wintastic Gin selections to give you relief from the winter blues.
At Juniper, the resident mixologists pride themselves in creating infusions that can be savored as is, on the rocks, in martinis or with mixers and tonics. Each infusion is carefully planned, aged and matured to create spirits that are absolutely memorable.
This season there is a selection of 4 new Wintastic infusions at Juniper, so every time a patron returns, they can enjoy something entirely new. The lack of fresh produce in these months is made up by the rich, filling and warming fragrance created by a selection of classic spices known as winter spices, like star anise, allspice and ginger, among others. At Juniper Bar, the objective is to revive these flavors in a unique way with House Infused Gins. 
Among the 4 new infusions, there is the tongue tickling and a bit like a clove but citrusy and mildly peppery, the Timur pepper infusion. If spice is a preference, then there is the Star Anise and Honey, mildly spiced and lightly sweetened and Ginger Honey for a slightly more pungent kick. To make an infusion that intensifies the base flavors of Gin, there is Double Juniper, another deep flavour is Pink Pepper. To soften the flavor of a spice like Cardamom, there is a Gin with the addition of vanilla to the cardamom notes. However, the truly unusual are the Coffee and Honey, Oak Smoke and Salt, Curry Leaf Salt and Chilli which has savory notes. The Gin Toddy is a special spice mix that adds soft warmth to winter days. 
All the 4 new Wintastic Gin infusions are an experience in themselves and are available at the Juniper Bar in Andaz Delhi for all guests to indulge in.


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