ITC launches ‘Sunfeast All Rounder’ thin potato biscuits

ITC Limited’s Sunfeast, one of India’s most preferred brands in biscuits and cakes, has launched another new-to-market biscuit experience with the launch of Sunfeast All-Rounder. It is an exciting new potato biscuit that is masala sprinkled, crunchy and one of the thinnest biscuits ever manufactured in India. The delightful inclusion of potato in the base promises a revolutionary new experience in the Rs 6,000 crore cracker biscuits category.
It is an innovative new offering that seeks to disrupt the cracker biscuits category. Consumer insights reveal that homemakers and category consumers are instinctively drawn to tangy and masala flavours to snack on. Hence, cracker biscuits enjoy a preference amongst this consumer segment for everyday consumption.
The thin potato biscuits make for a light and crunchy all-time snack, while the potato in the base creates a unique texture for the biscuit. The masala sprinkled on top offers consumers a strong aroma and chatpata taste that lingers long after every bite.
Ali Harris Shere, chief operating officer, Biscuits and Cakes Cluster, Foods Division, ITC Limited, said, “Building on our pedigree for disruptive innovation as evidenced by the success of our portfolio of differentiated offerings including Dark Fantasy, Farmlite Nuts and Veda Digestive, Sunfeast Caker and many others, Sunfeast All Rounder aims to offer consumers a differentiated premium offering in a cracker format. With crackers constituting a large segment in the biscuits category, we believe it is an opportune time to further strengthen our portfolio and provide consumers with trendsetting and delightful offerings. With the launch of Sunfeast All Rounder, we want to re-define the consumer experience within biscuits and particularly the cracker segment and craft a success story that reinforces Sunfeast as a champion of innovation in biscuits and cakes.’’
The brand’s latest offering will come in SKUs of 32.9 gms and 75gms for Rs 10 and Rs 20, respectively. Sunfeast All Rounder will be available first in South India, West Bengal and North East markets through, General trade outlets and Modern trade outlets.


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