How to stir -fry beef beef_ [Hubei] Celery fried beef_How to make celery fried beef

\”Celery fried beef is not only very delicious but also has good nutrition and health effects, but how can you fried beef tender? Pay attention to two points: cut beef, beef should be cut against the texture of the meat. That is to say The texture of the knife and meat is vertical of 90 degrees. In the beef, there is an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, and then grab the beef with your hands to let the beef eat more juice. After the hand is grabbed, settle for 10 minutes. , Hurry home \”

ingredient details
  • Beef 50 grams ]
  • Carrot Half root
  • starch 1 spoon
  • Oil

  • A moderate amount [ 123] salt
  • Affairs

Auxiliary material


3 tablets


  • Swear 1 spoon
  • Ginger 2 tablets
  • Salted and fresh flavor

Fried process

Ten minutes takes time

  • Ordinary difficulty
  • Celery fried beef method steps [123 ]


Prepare raw materials;

  • 【湖北】西芹炒牛肉的做法步骤:1

    Boil the pot and boil water, add a little salt and oil, put the celery in it and cook it for a minute;

  • 【湖北】西芹炒牛肉的做法步骤:2

  • 【湖北】西芹炒牛肉的做法步骤:3



    Put the beef in salt, starch, cooking wine and soy sauce, add some ginger juice in order, let the beef eat more juice, and then rest for 10 minutes; Beef’s tender tricks, remember to remember))

  • 【湖北】西芹炒牛肉的做法步骤:4

    Hot pot cool oil, put it in pickled Stir -fry the beef slices;

  • 【湖北】西芹炒牛肉的做法步骤:5


    Stir -fry until the beef discolored;

  • 【湖北】西芹炒牛肉的做法步骤:6


    Put a little oil in the pot, add carrots and stir -fry;

  • 【湖北】西芹炒牛肉的做法步骤:7 7

    Stir -fry after stir frying a few times and stir fry;

  • 8 【湖北】西芹炒牛肉的做法步骤:8 Put in againStir -fried beef slices just stir -fry;

  • 9
    Finally add salt to season.【湖北】西芹炒牛肉的做法步骤:9

  • 10
    Sheng entered the market.【湖北】西芹炒牛肉的做法步骤:10


  • Add a little salt and oil to make the color of the celery more green when you qin; 2. Beef should be against the meat against the meatCut the texture; 3. When marinating the beef, you can add ginger juice multiple times, grab it evenly, let the beef eat more juice water, and then settle for 10 minutes, so that the beef fried will be more tender.