How to stew mushrooms in chicks_ [Northeast] How to make chicks stew mushrooms

\”The trial recipe of the new product of the Jiale New Products Stewed Decoction is simpler and convenient to season with it.

As a native Northeast, he has a deep Northeast cuisine\” chicken stew mushroom \”. Press. Every summer and autumn, pick the wild hazel mushrooms with small umbrellas, and save it after drying. When winter, make dry hazel mushrooms and chicken and powder. Soup and vegetables. In the low temperature of minus twenty or thirty degrees outside the house, the house was warm as spring. The family sat around, soup, meat, and delicious hazel mushrooms. The cozy warmth that can’t be said. \”

ingredients details
  • Chicken 900 Gram
  • Hazel Mushroom 400 grams


[123 ] Nong Tang Bao


  • Botanical oil
  • 2 spoons

  • Section
  • Ginger [ 123] Several tablets
  • Garlic 2 petals
  • salt
  • Water

  • Affairs
  • octagonal

  • 2
  • cooking wine

  • 1 spoon
  • Taste
  • Stewing process

Half an hour time consumption

Ordinary difficulty

  • The method of stewed mushrooms in chickens

  • [ 123]


Chicken chop into pieces, boil in cold water, drain the water for spare
[123 ]

  • 【东北】小鸡炖蘑菇的做法步骤:1


    The hazel mushrooms soaked in the hair, filter the impurities

  • [ 123]
    3 【东北】小鸡炖蘑菇的做法步骤:2 Hot pot hot oil, stunned green ginger garlic and star anise

  • 4

  • will be Pour in the chicken pieces, add a little cooking wine, stir -fry for a while


    Add an appropriate amount of warm water to the pot. Pour in, boil over high heat until the thick soup is completely melted

  • 【东北】小鸡炖蘑菇的做法步骤:4


    Skill the foam, add a little salt, then stew it on low heat, and simmer until the soup is left in an appropriate amount

  • 【东北】小鸡炖蘑菇的做法步骤:5


    1. The soup can be collected half. The remaining soup can be used for bibimbap, which is also delicious.

    2. There are no powder bars this time.If you want to add powder bars, it is best to soak in cold water for a while, and you can put it in the juice.

    3. You can also season without thick soup. Stew over low heat for a while and simmer the umami flavor of chicken and hazel mushrooms.


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