How to practice garlic beef

\”Garlic moss fried beef is the reserved dish of my Spring Festival. The beef is expensive. People who pay a little bit particular about it like to use beef to entertain guests to show the attention of the guests. Beef with garlic moss is also the characteristics of my family. The garlic moss is resistant to storage. , Buy more at a time and make it fresh for a few more days.
I just don’t understand why fried beef always produces so much water. Mom said it was beef. Can all water be used? Can any teacher relieve doubt? \”

ingredients details
Main ingredients

    [ 123] Beef

  • 300 grams
  • garlic moss

  • One


[123 ]


A moderate amount

  • salt A moderate amount
  • Chili
  • Garlic Mince A moderate amount
  • Ginger One
  • slightly spicy flavor
  • [

[ 123] Stir -fried process

Time time takes time

    Advanced difficulty

  • The practice of garlic beef
  • [ 123]


All the ingredients of the ingredients are washed, cut

  • 【湖南】蒜香牛肉的做法步骤:1

    Heat the oil pan, pour the beef slices in, stir fry until the discoloration, remove the backup

  • 【湖南】蒜香牛肉的做法步骤:2

    The oil pan is heated, fried ginger and minced chili pepper

  • 【湖南】蒜香牛肉的做法步骤:3


    Pour the garlic moss segment, turn over Fry until slightly changed

  • 【湖南】蒜香牛肉的做法步骤:4 5

    Pour the beef pieces in and stir fry for a minute, pour a little along the pot Water,

  • 【湖南】蒜香牛肉的做法步骤:5 6

    After receiving a little juice, place the salt and season it

  • 【湖南】蒜香牛肉的做法步骤:6 ]


  • finished product

  • 【湖南】蒜香牛肉的做法步骤:7


    1. The bee pointEssence

    2. Put a little more oil when fried beef. Use the oil of fried beef to continue frying the condiments, which is more fragrant.

    Do not fry the garlic moss for a long time, just change the color slightly.


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