How to mix the bitter chrysanthemum in meat


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\”The Xinnong organic vegetable gift box sent this time There is a big bag of bitter chrysanthemum. I just like to eat this dish. They love to eat and eat. The taste of bitter chrysanthemum is slightly bitter, the color is green, and the color can be fried or cold. It is slightly bitter, and has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, which is widely praised. Sexuality is cold and cold climate. In early summer, flower stems can be used to eat cold mixing, and it has antibacterials, heat relief, anti -inflammatory, and eyesight.
The bitter chrysanthemum mixed with minced meat today, I also added some fried peanuts, which feels very delicious and tastes good, especially the bite of bitter chrysanthemum, minced meat and peanut rice. That’s really called incense! The taste is very rich and absolutely great!
Safflower seed oil has no strange taste, it tastes good, and there are many health effects, it is really good. In addition, red flower seed oil is not like Olive oil is not as resistant to high temperature, as long as it is not more than 255 degrees of cooking, it is okay. It feels more suitable for our habit of cooking. \”

The details of the ingredients

The main ingredient [ 123]

bitter chrysanthemum


Auxiliary materials

[123 ]



  • Red Flower Seed Oil 40g
  • Onion

  • 30g
  • peanuts Mi

  • 50g
  • salt

  • 2g
  • Sheng

  • 25g Vinegar
  • 20g [123 ]

  • Ginger 5g
  • 30ml
  • Mixing process
  • Time time takes time

Simple difficulty

  • The method of mixing bitter chrysanthemum
  • [

  • 123]


Prepare bitter chrysanthemum, pork, peanut rice, safflower seed oil, salt, shallots, raw soy sauce, vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, vinegar (Jiang forgot to shoot in.).
  • 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:1

    Add 20 grams of red flower seed oil

  • ]

    Add 50 grams of peanuts and boil low heat and stir -fry them.

  • 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:3

    The bitter chrysanthemum cuts off the bottom with a knife and washed with water and controlled the dry water.

  • 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:4

    Pork cutting, chopped shallots, ginger cut, bitter chrysanthemum cut.

  • 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:5

    Heat the wok and 20 grams of red flower seed oil

  • 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:6

  • 7
    Then add minced pork and stir fry 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:7

  • 8 [ 123] Wait for the minced pork to add color to the ginger burst.

  • 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:8


    Add 25 grams of raw soy sauce

  • 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:9


    Add 20 grams of Chen vinegar

  • 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:10

    Then add 2 grams of salt

  • 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:11

    Finally add 30 ml of water to boil and boil low heat for 2 minutes [ 123]

  • 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:12


    Add half of the shallots after turning off the fire

  • [ 123]

  • 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:13 14

    Cut the bitter chrysanthemum into the pot and add the stir -fry peanut rice

  • 15 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:14 Pour the fried minced meat and soup together

  • 16
    Finally, you can eat it with the other half of the shallots. You can eat it! 肉末拌苦菊的做法步骤:15


  • 1 cold pot stir -fry peanut rice is not easy to paste

  • 2 points twice to make minced meat and last The finished products are onion.


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