How to make tomato beef sauce

\”Today is a particularly versatile bibimbap. It is sweet and delicious. It is estimated that many people have eaten [tomato beef sauce noodles]. Mom or elderly people, make more in the refrigerator, refrigerate for three days, freeze for a month. Cooked pasta, noodles, steamed rice, and rosettes. Add the heated beef sauce and mix it. Is it very convenient for the baby to eat? And there are meat and vegetables, and the nutrition is very rich ~

Two steps to teach you to make a super low -calorie healthy meat sauce, save the classic universal food for various dishes . \”

ingredient details

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藕 powder

5 grams

  • Sheng

  • 20 grams
  • [ 123] Sweet flavor

Boil process

Time time takes time

  • 番茄牛肉酱的做法步骤:1

    The method of tomato beef sauce [ 123]

  • 1 番茄牛肉酱的做法步骤:2 ingredients: 2 tomatoes, 300 grams of beef, 1 egg, 5 grams 20 grams of cooking: Boil reference monthly age: 12m+time required time: 15 minutes.

  • 2 番茄牛肉酱的做法步骤:3 The beef is chopped, and the cooking machine is added with half a bowl of water into beef mud. Tips: Add some water to make the meat more delicate.

  • 3 番茄牛肉酱的做法步骤:4 Powderizes a little water. TIPS: The lotus powder can be replaced with other starch to increase tenderness.

  • 4 番茄牛肉酱的做法步骤:5 Stir with less powder and beef puree, and add 1 egg and stir well.

  • 5 番茄牛肉酱的做法步骤:6 Tomato cut small diced.

  • 6 番茄牛肉酱的做法步骤:7 Pour some olive oil in the hot pot and mix minced beef.

  • 7 番茄牛肉酱的做法步骤:8 The beef is discolored and the tomato is added together, and the raw soy sauce is added.I like more soup and add a bowl of water.

  • 8 番茄牛肉酱的做法步骤:9 while cooking, press the tomato with a shovel and cook the tomato juice.

9 Nourishing value: Tomato is rich in nutrients.For vitamin A, it can promote bone growth, prevent and treat scallion disease, and eye dryness; healthy stomach, delay aging, anti -cancer, can reduce fat and reduce blood, prevent thrombosis, it has multiple effects, known as magical dishes, which is called amazing dishes.The fruit.Beef is rich in osteophylline, and the mycopine content in beef is higher than any other food, which makes it particularly effective for growing muscles, enhanced strength, increasing immunity, and iron supplementation.