How to make the practice of braised lion head children’s meals


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[Yesterday the Dragon Boat Festival, good friends came to dinner together, I was busy making a lot of dishes all afternoon, but unfortunately there was no time to take pictures, there was a lion head left to make a children’s meal and supplement the picture \”

The details of the ingredients

[123 ] Main ingredients


  • 400g
  • Egg

  • 2
  • bread bran [ 123] 50g

Auxiliary material


A moderate amount

  • ] Salt

  • 3 spoons
  • Seafood soy sauce

  • 3 tablespoons
  • Lao Suo

  • 1 tablespoon
  • cooking wine [ 123] 3 tablespoons

  • Wuxiang powder
  • 2 spoons

  • 2 spoons
  • rock sugar 10 capsules
  • Dry pepper 5 pieces
  • Onion ginger and garlic
  • Big material

  • 2 ]
  • Starch

1 tablespoon

  • Salted fresh flavor

  • ] One hour takes time

  • Ordinary difficulty

The practice of the red -roasted lion head children’s meal

  • 红烧狮子头儿童餐的做法步骤:1

  • ]


    Pork is chopped into meat, don’t be too delicate, keep a bit grainy, and taste better when eating. Put 2 spoons of salt in pork filling, 2 eggs, appropriate amounts of green onions, 2 tablespoons of seafood soy sauce, half a tablespoon of old soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of cooking wine, 1 spoon pork powder, 1 spoonful of chicken essence in one direction until the meat filling is thick and tough [ 123]

  • 红烧狮子头儿童餐的做法步骤:3 2

    The adjustable filling is put into the bread bran, add a small amount 2-3 times each time, add a total It is almost about 50g, the filling is not too thin, it is advisable to squeeze meat balls

  • 3
    Use both hands with both hands with both hands Squeeze the filling into a sizeThe same meatball and oil pan are fry until golden, and the oil temperature must be hot, so that the meat will be fixed quickly 红烧狮子头儿童餐的做法步骤:4

  • 4

  • After frying, remove the littering oil for spare


  • Prepare onion ginger garlic, dried peppers, big ingredients, big ingredients, big ingredients, big ingredients, big ingredients , 10 grains of rock sugar, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, 1 tablespoon of seafood soy sauce, half a tablespoon of old soy sauce, 1 spoon of salt, 1 spoonful of chicken essence, 1 spiced powder

  • 红烧狮子头儿童餐的做法步骤:6

  • 红烧狮子头儿童餐的做法步骤:7



    All the ingredients under the hot oil are stir -fry, add the fried lion head, add an appropriate amount of hot water to boil for about 10 minutes, and after cooking, use a small amount of starch to stir up with a small amount of starch [123 123 [123 ]


Put some side dishes more refreshing

Tips 1. The amount written in the auxiliary materials is the total amount of fillings and soups. Please see the steps for the details of each step 2. The fried lion head must be hot in oil temperature. It will be fixed quickly, and the oil will not be foam 3. Be careful not to boil the soup when it is high, and quickly pour in starch and stir. The starch must be adjusted with cold water in advance. 123]


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