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\”I saw fresh muffin outside the vegetable market that day to buy , I have rarely eaten in my memory, and I have never done it myself. I really want to try it. I go home and check it. I ’m going to eat it. It’ s quite delicate. The processing before eating is very important. The following is the relevant knowledge of Baidu’s daylily.
Yanlian is a flower bud of perennial herbaceous plants. It has a tender taste and rich nutrition. , Calcium, fat, carotene, amino acids and other nutrients necessary for the human body, the carotene contained in it even exceeds several times more than the tomatoes. The flavor of daylily is sweet and cool, which has hemostasis, anti -inflammatory, heat clearing, dampness, eliminating food, and eyesight. The effects of soothe the gods, which have curative effects on vomiting blood, stool blood, urination, insomnia, and lack of milk. They can be used as postpartum or postpartum supplementary products. Although it is non -toxic in itself, it has a large toxicity in the body’s absorption to oxidize into \”two autumn water portic\” in the body. Therefore, do not eat more when eating fresh products. The toxic ingredients can be weakened or disappeared at 60 degrees at high temperature. Therefore, when eating, you should first soak the fresh lily with boiling water, soak it with water for more than 2 hours, remove it with water and wash it. Alkali can destroy it, and it is safe to eat fresh lily. When eating dry products, consumers should be soaked with water or warm water before eating before eating. This can remove residual harmful substances, such as sulfur dioxide. \”

The details of the ingredients

The main ingredients

    Fresh cauliflower

  • Affairs
  • ]

  • Pork A moderate amount

Auxiliary material


    A moderate amount

  • ] Starch
  • A moderate amount

  • ingredients

Cooking wine

A moderate amount

  • A moderate amount
  • Sugar

  • Oyster sauce
  • A moderate amount

  • [ 123] Swear Affairs
  • Salted fresh flavor Burning process

Ordinary difficulty

  • Step of the method of fresh linsee slippery meat shredded pork

, Simp in boiling water for 1-2 minutes.

  • 鲜黄花菜滑肉丝的做法步骤:1 2

    Soaked in cold water for more than 2 hours.Change the water 1-2 times in the middle.Remove and squeeze the water before burning.

  • 鲜黄花菜滑肉丝的做法步骤:2 3

    Shred pork, add an appropriate amount of salt, sugar, cooking wine, starch for 10 minutes.Cut the garlic.

  • 鲜黄花菜滑肉丝的做法步骤:3 4

    When the oil in the pot is 5-6 % hot, fry the shredded pork until it changes.

  • 鲜黄花菜滑肉丝的做法步骤:4 5

    Another oil pan, stir -fry the oil after the oil is hot, add an appropriate amount of salt.

  • 鲜黄花菜滑肉丝的做法步骤:5 6

    Add the shredded pork to continue frying, and finally add an appropriate amount of oyster sauce to the pan.It’s right.


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