How to make the noodles of the pork diced noodles


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A pot of oil -lined noodles really can’t hold it anymore. \”

The details of the ingredients

[ 123] Wet noodles

    A moderate amount

  • Milky
  • A moderate amount

  • Pork A moderate amount
  • Carrot A moderate amount
  • Auxiliary materials


A moderate amount


  • Raw soy sauce
  • A moderate amount

  • Old Sanda Affairs
  • Filter Wine Affairs ]
  • Salted and fresh flavor Swing crafts

ordinary difficulty [123 ]

    Practice of the pork diced noodles

  • 1
  • Ingredients: Cut of parsley, carrot cut section, diced pork.

  • 2 香芹肉丁焖面的做法步骤:1 After the oil is hot, stir -fry the meat.

  • 3 香芹肉丁焖面的做法步骤:2 Add an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, cooking wine.

  • 4 香芹肉丁焖面的做法步骤:3 Add carrot and fried.

  • 5 香芹肉丁焖面的做法步骤:4 Add a little sugar, appropriate amount of salt, do not need to fry too much, because it needs to be later needed to be later needed, because it still needs to be later needed to still need What about it.

  • 6 香芹肉丁焖面的做法步骤:5 Put the noodles with boiling water, add a small spoon of salt to the water, cook for 1-2 minutes.

  • 7 香芹肉丁焖面的做法步骤:6 Small half a bowl of water in the pork diced pork.

  • 8 香芹肉丁焖面的做法步骤:7 Put it in the cooked noodles, cover the lid and low heat, and turn the noodles during the period to absorb the soup.

  • 9 香芹肉丁焖面的做法步骤:8 After the water is almost dry, turn the noodles with chopstickJust accept it.


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