How to make the nine -story tower fried chicken asparagus

\”As soon as I came back from the country, the nine -story tower in the yard grew well, so I wanted to use it as much as possible to cook as possible. Now it is late autumn, so it is obviously not as good as at that time. Look at the introduction from the Internet:

The nine -story tower is also called Laler. Western food is very common, and special with tomato; also known as \”Gold\” nine -layer tower in the tide dish is Ocimum Basilicum L) The annual herbaceous plant has a multi -layer tower, so it is called the \”Nine -story Tower\”, which comes from the huge Laler family. Because its leaves and stems and flowers have a strong star anise, it is also called Langxiang Laul, and the whole straw item is sparsely sparse. Wind disintegrating the watch, humidity and medium, the effect of qi and blood circulation, detoxifying and swelling, widely distributed in tropical areas in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America

The pharmacological effect of the nine -story tower: reflected the air, and the dampness and food , Promoting blood circulation, detoxifying. Treatment of headache, bloating qi stagnation, pain, diarrhea, irregular menstruation, bruises, snake bugs bitter, skin sores, itching of addicted rashes. (Content from the Internet) \”
[ 123]

ingredients details

Main ingredient ] Appropriate amount


A moderate amount

  • Accessories

  • Nine -story Tower

  • Affairs


olive oil

A moderate amount

  • ] Swear
  • Affairs

White sugar



A moderate amount

  • Barbecue sauce [ 123] A moderation
  • Vanilla flavor

  • Stir -fried process Ten minutes takes time
  • Ordinary difficulty
  • The practice of the nine -story tower fried chicken asparagus
1 [ 123] Pour the appropriate amount of olive oil in the hot pot and put the onion in.

  • 2
  • Slightly fry the asparagus and stir fry.

  • 3
    Add a little saltLater Sheng was spaled.九层塔炒鸡肉芦笋的做法步骤:1

  • 4
    Pour a little olive oil in the pot and put the pickled chicken in.九层塔炒鸡肉芦笋的做法步骤:2

  • 5
    Fry the high heat until the color changes, add a little pump sugar.九层塔炒鸡肉芦笋的做法步骤:3

  • 6
    Then pour the upper onion asparagus.九层塔炒鸡肉芦笋的做法步骤:4

  • 7
    Stir -fry evenly and put the nine -layer tower on it.九层塔炒鸡肉芦笋的做法步骤:5

  • 8
    Add a small spoon of XO sauce.九层塔炒鸡肉芦笋的做法步骤:6

  • 9
    You only need to continue the time to turn off the dish.九层塔炒鸡肉芦笋的做法步骤:7