How to make the mushroom sauce noodles


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\”During the National Day period, clean up the dry goods in the home and send the water mushrooms to the mushrooms. It is a perfect match with the noodles. \”
ingredient details
  • Dry shiitake mushrooms Fifteen
  • Noodles 200 grams
  • 2 two Sessorial
  • A little

Auxiliary material

Soy sauce

A little

  • Douban] Douban Sauce A little
  • Onion A little
  • Sesame oil A little
  • ]

  • Salted fresh flavor
  • Explosive process
  • Half an hour consumption
  • Simple difficulty

Mushroom sauce noodles mixed with noodles Practice step
  • 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:1

    Dry shiitake mushrooms are soaked in water and soaked until soft. You can use fresh shiitake mushrooms without dried shiitake mushrooms.

  • 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:2


    A little pork.

  • 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:3 3

    Soy sauce a little.

  • 4 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:4 After the noodles are boiled, add some water to boil. Do not cook the noodles too much. Rotten, otherwise it is not delicious.

  • 5 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:5 Put the noodles in a pot of cold water immediately, the tap water is fine, let the noodles cool down immediately Then pour in a sieve and leak water, and then put it under the faucet with the flowing water to the noodles to completely cool. This step must not be saved, the key to noodles is this step. Just flush it with cold water again.

  • 6 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:6 Cut the shiitake mushrooms into diced. Cut the meat into the end and marinate in soy sauce.

  • 7 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:7 Prepare garlic grains and green onions.

  • 8 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:8 Heat the pot and add the garlic grain to fry.

  • 9 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:9 Pour the mushrooms and stir fry for a while.Shovel out.

  • 10 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:10 The pot is heated in the oil, poured into the minced meat and stir -fry.

  • 11 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:11 Pour in mushrooms and stir fry.Pour in soy sauce and soybeat sauce and pour some soy sauce and a little salt.Just add water starch to make it.

  • 12 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:12 Pour the sauce on some noodles and pour some sesame oil.

  • 13 香菇酱拌面的做法步骤:13 Put into the bowl, put the shiitake mushrooms on the top, and put onion and white sesame seeds.


If there is no soybean sauce, you can not put it, the other sauce is also available, as long as you like to eat it, the sauce itself is in the sauce itselfWith salt, put less salt.Friends who eat chili can also put chili powder.


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