How to make the method of western ginseng qi chicken soup

\”Winter is the season to hide essence, so winter is the best season for tonic. Recipes are used as a main ingredient with chickens. Chinese medicine believes that eating chicken can supplement the body. Chicken soup can supplement qi to improve immunity. Chicken is rich in high -quality protein nutrition. It is best to use chicken to make winter tonics.
Improper tonic in winter and internal heat, so the soup is added to Yin Yin to nourish the inner heat and heat up. ] Cordyceps flowers and wolfberry are commonly used medicinal materials for breeding soup. They can be fresh and fresh to the soup.


500 grams

  • Cordyceps Flower
  • 10 grams


15 grams

10 grams

  • Western ginseng 5 grams
  • Sand ginseng 15 grams
  • Ginger 5 grams
  • Cooking wine

  • 3 spoons [123 ]
  • Salted and fresh flavor
  • Stewed process Time consumption
  • Simple difficulty

  • ]
  • The practice of the western ginseng gas chicken soup

  • 1

  • Preparation Material: Cut the chicken, spare medicinal materials


Wash Cordyceps flower jade bamboo sand ginseng wolfberry and western ginseng



  • 西洋参元气鸡汤的做法步骤:1

    Simp in the boiling water in the chicken, remove it after the floating end

  • [

  • [
    [ 123] 西洋参元气鸡汤的做法步骤:2

    Pour chicken and medicinal materials in the casserole, add enough water, add 3 slices of ginger, pour 3 spoons of cooking wine. Cover with the lid and boil over high heat. Cook for 45 minutes of chicken rotten. After adding salt

  • 西洋参元气鸡汤的做法步骤:3

  • 西洋参元气鸡汤的做法步骤:4

    ] 5

    Chicken soup is delicious. In winter, you can supplement it to replenish virtual exemptions, drink soup and eat meat, and the medicinal materials inside can be eaten together!

  • 西洋参元气鸡汤的做法步骤:5


    When stewed chicken soup, add water at one time, and no more fresh taste in the middle of the water; add salt to the end to avoid the chicken from hardening


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