How to make the method of Mexican chili sauce beef rice

\”The name is spicy as the name implies, Mexican dishes are hot civilized world, friends who like spicy foods together\”

ingredients details

The main ingredients

    Beef Mince

  • 150g

Auxiliary materials

[ 123] Xiaomi spicy


  • Chicken soup block A moderate amount
  • Onion A moderate amount
  • now Permailing black pepper powder

  • A moderate amount
  • salt

  • A moderate amount Tomato canned juice
  • A moderate amount

  • Red waist beans A moderate amount
  • Spicy flavor Boil process

Time takes time

[ 123] Simple difficulty

  • The practice of Mexican chili sauce beef rice
  • 墨西哥辣椒酱牛肉饭的做法步骤:1 ] 1

    Xiaomi spicy chose a few peppers according to the spicy degree you like

  • Onion and garlic cut, Xiaomi spicy cutting 墨西哥辣椒酱牛肉饭的做法步骤:2

  • 3
    The pot is heated in oil and heats into the onion and minced garlic. Fry the fragrance, add chicken soup, seasoning a little salt 墨西哥辣椒酱牛肉饭的做法步骤:3

  • 4

  • Add the canned tomato juice and boil the red waist and add the red waist Bean boiled for about 3-5 minutes to boil thick


  • finished picture

  • 墨西哥辣椒酱牛肉饭的做法步骤:5


The firing should be flavored