How to make the method of Korean beef prawn sauce pot


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The long sauce, and the hot soup in winter.
The hot and spicy big sauce soup is nutritious and low calorie. It is a very good one -person recipe.
The method is also very simple. It’s OK to cook.
The ingredients are casual, what is the same at home, what to cook.
It is very suitable for patients who do not know what to eat.
There is a big sauce in hand, let’s go away. \”
Main ingredients

  • Beef 100g
  • Prawn 100g
  • Drink

  • 100g Kunbu
  • ] 30g

  • Cabbage
  • 50g

  • Tofu
  • 100g

  • fish dried 5-10 tail [ 123]
  • Auxiliary material

Korean big sauce

One soup spoon
[ 123] Water

    800 ml

  • garlic clove
  • 2 petals

  • Red Chili 1
  • Onion [ 123] A little
  • slightly spicy flavor

  • stewing process Timmer time takes time

] Ordinary difficulty

    The method of Korean -style beef prawn sauce pot

  • 1

After washing the dried Kunbo (kelp), put water and dried shrimp (dried fish) in the casserole for 5 minutes.

  • 韩式牛肉大虾大酱锅的做法步骤:1 2

    Cut the tofu and put it in the casserole. Then put a spoonful of big sauce. Cook for 5 minutes

  • 韩式牛肉大虾大酱锅的做法步骤:2 3

    Formulas such as vegetables and kimchi, garlic cloves, pepper and other ingredients at this time.

  • 韩式牛肉大虾大酱锅的做法步骤:3 4

    After cooking for a while, the prawns are put in and covering the lid. Cook until the shrimp is cooked,

  • 5 韩式牛肉大虾大酱锅的做法步骤:4 Put it into the previously cut sliced \u200b\u200bbeef (fat beef is also very good, But I did n’t have it) (Beef is familiar at once, and you can turn off the heat when you see the color changes. The heat of the casserole is enough to scal the beef.

  • 6 韩式牛肉大虾大酱锅的做法步骤:5 Eat a person alone, too lazy to cook rice. But the big sauce soup is super meal. If there is no white rice, I cook a little noodles. It is also very good, the staple food, soup, and vegetables are available. Seafood, vegetables, meat, and staple food are all available, and it is really a single DOG recipe. Hahahahaha. But the hot sand pot rose to the heat of the hot air, and the happiness was bursting. Began to eat! Intersection Intersection


  • This is a very casual dish, what you can put in the family.
    Of course, three types of big sauce, tofu and kelp (Kunbu) are necessary. It is also great with bacteria (shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms). 韩式牛肉大虾大酱锅的做法步骤:6 Kunbu can generally buy dried storage. Tofu can be cut into small pieces and placed in a freezer.

    Frozen tofu is cooked and cooked. It is a great assistant to cook hot pot, cooked in Kanto, big sauce soup, kimchi soup and other stews.

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