How to make the method of 茼 茼 茼 茼 茼 茼 茼 茼 茼 茼 茼


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\”Artemisia annua at this moment, with high protein beef, The taste is delicious. \”

The details of the ingredients

The main ingredients


  • 50g
  • Artemisia annua

  • 50g

Auxiliary material

Ginger powder

1 spoon

Boil process

    Time time takes time

  • Simple simplicityDifficulty

  • The practice of the Artemisia Artemisia beef ball soup


    Chop the beef into a broken end, add salt and pepper to knead, and rub it into a small ball for later use.

  • 茼蒿牛肉丸子汤的做法步骤:1


  • Put salt and ginger powder when the water is about to be opened in the pot, and then go down the beef ball.

  • 茼蒿牛肉丸子汤的做法步骤:2


  • Put the washed Artemisia annua into the water and blackened the color, immediately remove it, and keep the tenderness of Artemisia.

  • 茼蒿牛肉丸子汤的做法步骤:3


  • Out of the pot.

  • 茼蒿牛肉丸子汤的做法步骤:4


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