How to make the four seasons of dried meat and the minced beans of the dried meat


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[Seasonal beans are also called knife beans, lentils, shelf beans Wait, rich in protein and a variety of amino acids, often consumption has the effects of reconciling the viscera, nourishing spirit, nourishing qi and spleen, heat and dampness, and hydrophilic swelling.


1 2. Before cooking, the bean tendons should be removed, otherwise it will affect the taste and not easy to digest;
2. The cooking time should be long or not. Poisoning occurs, and the four seasons should be treated before the food. You can use boiling water or stir -fry until it is cooked. \”

The details of the ingredients

Main ingredients

Four Seasons Dou

1 kg

  • Pork 100g
  • [123 ] Auxiliary materials


A moderate amount

Green persimmon pepper


  • Dry red pepper 1
  • Ginger A moderate amount
  • garlic A moderate amount
  • ]




  • White sugar A moderate amount
  • ]生抽
  • 适量

  • 老抽
  • 适量

  • 料酒
  • 适量

[123 ]

  • Sauce flavor
  • Fried crafts
  • Time time takes time
  • Simple difficulty

dry stirry Step of the practice of the four seasons of the meat

  • 1 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:1 Four Seasons Doudou to the two tips, tear off the middle line’s tendons , Wash and filter dry water.

  • 2 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:2 Cut into an inch segment.

  • 3 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:3 Wash the minced pork.

  • 4 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:4 Use cooking wine, a little salt, old soy sauce, and a small amount of color prued oil for a while.

  • 5 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:5 Prepare the ingredients onion, ginger, garlic and dried red peppers.

  • 6 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:6 Green peppers cut into pieces. (You can use red pepper, the color matching looks good. If you want to eat it convenient, you still use green persimmon pepper).

  • 7 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:7 Add an appropriate amount of oil and heated.

  • 8 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:8 Pour the four seasons of water controlled by the water -controlled water.

  • 9 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:9 Open medium and medium heat, keep frying, let the oil soak through the seasons of beans. Look, the four seasons of soybean oil are smooth.

  • 10 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:10 Four seasons of beans will be slightly water, stir -fry with medium and small heat, stir -fry until the four seasons of bean epidermis wrinkled , Tiger skin patterns can turn off the heat.

  • 11 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:11 The cooked four seasons beans are put into the bowl first and need to be used.

  • 12 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:12 Use the remaining oil in the pot to add the marinated meat.

  • 13 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:13 Slide it with a spoon and stir -fry until the discoloration.

  • 14 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:14 Pour the ingredients onion, ginger, garlic and dried red pepper into the minced meat, and the fire is stunned.

  • 15 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:15 Stir -fried evenly, cook an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce and a little salt.

  • 16 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:16 Pour the fried four seasons into the wok, turn the fire, use a shovel spoon to put it with the meat with the meat with the meat Quickly flip the end.

  • 17 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:17 Finally put the green pepper in. Because the four seasons of beans have been scaled through the water without water, the inside of the wok will appear dry. At this time, the dishes should be quickly dish, and there are slight smoke when there is a slight smoke.

  • 18 干煸肉末四季豆的做法步骤:18 dried meat minced four seasons beans, A fragrant dish.


Dry Four Seasons Bean belongs to Sichuan cuisine.Simple production, rich nutrition, is a home -cooked dish with all color, fragrance and taste.


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