How to make the Four Seasons of Beef Four Seasons of Beef

\”We can’t find cowpea here. We have to plant it ourselves. The four seasons of beans are very common. I often use the four seasons of beans to replace them. The effect of pickling is really the same. ? As long as the four seasons are well handled, it is also a good ingredient. \”

ingredients details
Pickled beef
  • Beef about 100 grams
  • Small soda 1/4 spoon
  • Pepper 1/3 spoon [123 ]
  • corn starch

  • 1/2 spoon
  • Vegetable oil

    ] Four Seasons Doudan Water

  • Four Seasons Dou

  • About 350 grams
  • 1 small spoon

  • Vegetable Oil
  • 1/2 spoon

Auxiliary material
  • Perods 1 large spoon
  • Garlic 1 spoon
  • Ginger 1 pinch
  • Chili ring [123 ] 1 quantity



1/3 spoon


    1/2 big spoon

  • white sugar 1/ 3 small spoon
  • Liquor 1/2 big spoon
  • ] Stir -fried process
  • Half an hour time consuming Advanced difficulty

The practice of the four seasons of beef beef flavored beef beef

  • 1

  • Beef slices into a large bowl, put 1/4 spoon of small spoons, grab the stickiness of the meat with your hand, put the water 1 large Spoon, then grab it until the water is absorbed. If the meat is too dry, add a little more water, and add 1/3 spoon of pepper, 1/2 of the corn starch, and grab it until the hand is uniform. A few times to lock the water, put the refrigerator overnight in the dense box, if the dayTo use it at least 30 minutes.
  • 2
    Breaking the four seasons of beans after cutting. 豉味牛肉四季豆的做法步骤:1

  • 3
    Boil boiling water, add 1 small spoon of fine salt, 1/2 spoon of vegetable oil, pour in four seasons beans, Boil until the water boil for 2 minutes, pick up the seasons and drain the water. 豉味牛肉四季豆的做法步骤:2

  • 4
    Mixing the tempeh and garlic, shred ginger, and cut green peppers for later use. 豉味牛肉四季豆的做法步骤:3

  • 5
    about 2 tablespoons of hot vegetable oil, add beef, stir fry to five mature, set up for spare, pot No need to wash and keep oil. 豉味牛肉四季豆的做法步骤:4

  • 6
    Pour into the minced pulp, minced garlic, ginger and pepper rings, sauté. 豉味牛肉四季豆的做法步骤:5

  • 7
    Pour in beef, four seasons beans, order 1/3 spoon of fine salt, pepper powder/3 spoon , 1/2 spoon of raw soy sauce, 1/3 spoon of white sugar, uniform pocket, pour 1/2 of the white spoon on the side of the pot, and quickly go out of the pot. ENJOY! 豉味牛肉四季豆的做法步骤:6


  • 1. Steak mesh fat less fat, frying harder, sliced \u200b\u200band fry;

  • Second, no refined salt or soy sauce when marinated beef, and put the salt or soy sauce together when they are with the side dishes, so that the salty taste is even more uniform; 豉味牛肉四季豆的做法步骤:7

    3. If the beef is dry when the beef is marinated, it is recommended to put it in place. A moderate amount of water, so that the baking soda has room for play, and the beef is not too hard. If you don’t like to put the baking soda, you can put other tender meat materials;

    4. The author is in any food blog posts such as cooking, baking The spoons, spoons and cups used are used in international quantities. It is not the spoons and cups used by us at home or restaurants to blend beverages and foods.


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