How to make the croissance of the meat and the bean horn of the meal


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\”I often want to eat meat -flavored vegetables, both Satisfied with the desire to eat meat, and you can comfort yourself to eat vegetables! (I always comfort myself like this ~ _ ~)

When I was a kid, I planted vegetables and eaten all the seasonal dishes. You can buy vegetables you want to eat. What is impressive is that when the bean horns in the vegetable garden at that time, the mother would bring back a lot of fresh bean horn when she went home in the evening. Clean up. Adults will make the sorted beans into fresh fried beans, and can also be marinated as sour beans. It can also be dried and dried to make dried beans. A commonly -made meal meat bean horns, the method is also very simple! \”

ingredient details

Main ingredients

[ 123] Bean Jiao


  • Pork Lean meat 150g
  • ]
  • Garlic

  • 1 petal
  • Ginger

1 small piece

Seasoning [123 ]

  • Raw soy sauce 2 spoons
  • Old sauce
  • salt 1 Spoon
  • Oil A moderate amount
  • Oyster sauce 1 spoon
  • starch

  • 1 spoon [123 ]

The taste of garlic

    Stir -fried process

  • Half an hour time
  • ordinary difficulty
  • ]
  • Step of the cottage of meals and meat cooked beans in the family

  • It is needed to prepare for it. Ingredients.

  • 2

  • Cut the garlic, sliced \u200b\u200bginger.

  • 3

  • Pork chopped, or crushed with a meat grinder.
  • 4

  • Add 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, 1 spoon of starch, 1 spoon of old soy sauce, stir well and marinate for ten minutes for later use.

  • 5

  • Bean horns are cut into short sections for later use.

  • 6

  • Boil the oil in the pan, add the minced garlic after the oil is hot.

  • 7

  • Put the beans and stir -fry evenly, stir -fry for a minute to taste.

  • 8

  • Add the meat foam, pour 1 bowl of clear water, just shallow the bean horns, cover the lid stuffy and cookJust dry the soup.

  • 9

  • Out of the pot!

    Bean horns must be cooked thoroughly, you can’t eat it, it is easy to stir -fry and fry, and you can eat half -life beans and four seasons.Similar beans can cause food poisoning, so beans must be cooked to eat!


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