How to make spicy casserole tofu_How to make spicy casserole tofu


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\”Tofu is a very common ingredient. Tao Casuki Tofu is simple and delicious. \”

The details of the ingredients


    One piece

  • Pork
  • One piece



A moderate amount

  • Pepper 10 pieces
  • Ginger A moderate amount
  • garlic

  • A moderate amount
  • Seasoning


A little

Douban sauce

    One spoon

  • Soy sauce
  • One spoon

  • Old sauce
  • A little

  • Chicken essence A little
  • [ 123]

  • Sera Oil A spoon
  • Terma Half a spoon
  • Taste
  • Stewing process Half an hour time consumption

Simple difficulty

The practice of spicy casserole tofu

  • ]


A piece of tofu, foam in light saline, remove the bean fishy.

  • 麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:1


    Tofu is spare, how can the tofu that can be cooked without water will not be broken.

  • 麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:2


    Remove the settlement.

  • 麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:3


    Put oil in the pot, stun the onion ginger and garlic.

  • 麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:4


    The fat and thin pork is cut into thick particles.

  • 麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:5 6 [12 123] Put the minced pork in the pot.

  • 7 麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:6 Fry the minced pork until it is completely cooked.

  • 8 麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:7 Put the Douban sauce.

  • 9 麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:8 Put the tempeh and stir -fry evenly.

  • 10
    Put the soy sauce.麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:9

  • 11
    Put tofu.A moderate amount of water.麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:10

  • 12
    Boil high heat.Stewed in the medium heat and stewed slowly.麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:11

  • 13
    Put oil in the pan, add peppercorns to stir -fry, remove the peppercorns and leave only oil.麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:12

  • 14
    Pour the fried peppercorns into the pot and collect the juice on the fire.Put chicken essence.麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:13

  • 15
    Sprinkle the green onions.麻辣砂锅豆腐的做法步骤:14


  • How to simmer the tofu of the water will not be rotten.


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