How to make spicy beef jerky


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\”Spicy beef jerky color red bright oil, under the lights, under the lamp, Clear moisturizing, spicy and fragrant seductive, crispy entrance, sour and sweet and spicy, and a feast. \”

ingredients details

The main ingredients


  • 430g


[123 ]

Peppole powder


  • Cumin powder
  • 30

  • Pepper Pepper particles 10g
  • Nickname A moderate amount
  • cooking wine A little
  • Sugar A little
  • White Sesame 20g [20g [ 123]

Stir -fried process

Half hours

    Simple difficulty [123 ]

  • The practice of spicy beef jerky

Cook the boiling water, make a large piece Beef water, boil bleeding water, remove blood. In addition, fry the white sesame seeds in a pan.

  • 2

    Large piece of beef cut, about 1cm by 3cm strip.

  • 麻辣牛肉干的做法步骤:2

    Add an appropriate amount of edible oil, heat it, add beef stripes, and fried beef water in small heat. Oil slowly changes from turbidity to clear, which means that the water of beef has been dried. According to personal preference, choose the dryness of beef jerky.

  • 麻辣牛肉干的做法步骤:3

    Pick up the beef and pour excess oil. Pour pepper powder, cumin powder, and peppercorns in the pot. Add beef and stir -fry the beef and stir -fry. Stir -fried until the beef jerky is evenly dipped in pepper powder.

  • 麻辣牛肉干的做法步骤:4


    Finally turn off the heat, pour the fried white sesame seeds and stir -fry until the beef is evenly dipped in sesame seed Can.

  • Tips
    麻辣牛肉干的做法步骤:51. Pepper powder, cumin powder, and peppercorns increase or decrease according to personal preference.The ingredients are all about the amount.

    2. Beef jerky is ready to eat, and it tastes better the next day!


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