How to make shiitake chicken chicken yam porridge

\”There is no appetite after getting sick. Eating some warm porridge is very nourishing. After illness, it must be conditioned slowly. It is one of the formation drugs of Liuwei Dihuang Wan. Not to mention that the effect is great. And the wisdom of shiitake mushrooms is rich in arginine and lysine. With the dark incense porridge. It is also delicious to eat for breakfast. \”

ingredient details






  • Auxiliary material

  • ]

  • Ginger
  • Three pieces

  • Onion
  • A small handle

  • Ingredients



  • 1/3 turtle
  • Soy Sauce

  • 1/3 Tune
  • Peanut Oil

1/3 tuned

Sesame oil

A little

  • White pepper pepper Fan
    A moderate amount 香菇鸡肉山药粥的做法步骤:1

    Salted fresh flavor
    Boil process

    A consumption of time

  • Simple difficulty
    The practice of mushrooms and chicken yam porridge

  • 香菇鸡肉山药粥的做法步骤:3 [123 ] 1

    Cut the chicken into a 1 cm square, cut the shredded ginger into the chicken, add a little soy sauce, salt, wine, and peanut oil to pickle for 15 minutes.

    Yam cut into chicken.

    After soaking the shiitake mushrooms, cut the chicken with hot water.

    Cut the green onion into 3 mm long.

  • 香菇鸡肉山药粥的做法步骤:4

    煮好粥,约七碗的量,要煮好后水和米比例是1:1 of. Because adding yam and chicken will thicken.


Cook the porridge and add chicken, shiitake mushrooms, and yam for fifteen minutes. Add salt again. The amount of this salt is not very clear. It is recommended that friends who do not cook often, first add a small amount, not salty enough. 4 Finally sprinkle the green onion, drip a few drops of sesame oil and sprinkle pepper. Tips The green onion does not need to be cooked, only sprinkled on the cooked porridge, so remember to cut it with a cooked food plate! Soy sauce with pickled chicken must be less, otherwise the cooked porridge is not good -looking.


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