How to make sesame beef sauce_How to make sesame beef sauce

\”Beef sauce, the most dish, you can add steamed buns or noodles. The reason why this one is called sesame beef sauce is actually because of the comrades who helped me. All the sesame is poured into the pot. Originally, my recipe was actually only half of the sesame. 123]

Main ingredients


1 kg


  • 1 root [ [ 123]
  • Garlic

  • 2
  • Ginger

  • 1 piece
  • A little

  • Sesame
  • A little

  • Walnut
  • A little

  • Red rice pepper
  • A little

  • [ 123] Accessories

Chili sauce

5 spoons

delicious fresh soy sauce

A little

  • A little
  • Da material

  • A little
  • A little

  • Xiangye
  • A little a little bit

  • The spicy flavor
  • Stir -fried process Timmer time
  • Ordinary difficulty

The practice of sesame beef sauce

  • Walnut , Peanut, Sesame into the oven is cooked;

  • Peanut peel, cut all the materials into granularity, need to be used for use ;

  • 3

  • Put the walnuts and sesame seeds into a fresh -keeping bag and break it with a rolling pin;
    芝麻牛肉酱的做法步骤:2 [



  • 4
    Heat the oil, pour all the spices, burn out the aroma, and the oil must be put more; 芝麻牛肉酱的做法步骤:3

    [ 123]

  • 5
    Put the beef grains, slowly fry the fire, the oil process will become clearer; 芝麻牛肉酱的做法步骤:4

  • 6
    Pour on the onion, ginger, garlic, and fry the fragrance; 芝麻牛肉酱的做法步骤:5

  • ] 芝麻牛肉酱的做法步骤:6

    Put the chopped fresh pepper grain and chili sauce and soy sauce;

  • 芝麻牛肉酱的做法步骤:7


    Pour the chopped dried fruit, stir well, and continue to boil;

  • 9 芝麻牛肉酱的做法步骤:8 Boil 10 10 10It’s ok in minutes.


  • 1. There must be more oil, and important things must be much more;
    2. Fried meat meat meatYou can determine the time according to your sense of population, and you can fry more time if you like to dry; 芝麻牛肉酱的做法步骤:9 3. Because the chili sauce is already salty, you do n’t need to add salt, add a little delicious fresh soy sauce, you can raise it;

    4. The amount of dried fruits is added according to the degree of personal preferences, and there is no fixed value.(This time it was disappointed).


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