How to make sea cucumber emerald beef beef ravioli


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\”Sea cucumber beef beef fragrance is lubricating, delicious and delicious, often meeting Early seats as a soup with appetizing throat.

rich nutritional value, delicious taste, and loved by ordinary people. \”

ingredients details

The main ingredients

    Waterfa Arctic Sea Cucumber

  • 100g Beef
  • 100g

  • Larbins Tofu
  • 1 box

Season 123]

A little shiitake

A little

A little onion

A little

  • Starch A little
  • Ginger ginger ginger

  • A little
  • Salted and fresh flavor
  • Boil process

  • Ten minutes takes time [ 123] Ordinary difficulty
  • The practice of sea cucumber emerald beef soup
  • 1
  • The soaked sea cucumber thaw it in advance and add a few slices of ginger water to remove the fishy. Wash and set aside by other materials.


Wash and cut the lean beef into diced, put it in boiling water, remove it; Ding, coriander washed and cut.
  • 海参翡翠牛肉羹的做法步骤:1

    Pour water into the pot, add beef diced, tofu, boil, add sea cucumber, cook five In minutes, add water starch, add refined salt, monosodium glutamate, and pour in egg white, green onions, and pepper.


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