How to make Sanbao Beef Sweet

\”The soup is thick and smooth, and the taste is delicious. The material required for this recipe is the amount of three people.\”

The details of the ingredients

Main ingredients


  • 150 grams
  • corn

  • 1 root enoki mushroom
  • 100g

  • ]
  • Egg

  • 2

Auxiliary material


A moderate amount [appropriate amount [appropriate amount [appropriate amount

    A moderate amount [appropriate amount [appropriate amount [appropriate amount

  • Mode 123]



A moderate amount


  • Oil Oil ] Appropriate amount
  • raw flour water A moderate amount
  • Chicken powder One teaspoon
  • [ 123]
  • Salted and fresh flavor

Boil process

Time time takes time

    Simple difficulty

  • Sanbao beef custard’s Practice step


Main ingredients: beef, corn, eggs, enoki mushrooms

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    [ 123] 三宝牛肉羹的做法步骤:1


    The beef was washed and chopped into a broken end

  • 三宝牛肉羹的做法步骤:2

    After the corn is washed

  • 三宝牛肉羹的做法步骤:3

    Folki Mushroom cut off the root, wash it, put it, put Rinse it in the boiling water with salt and remove it.

  • 三宝牛肉羹的做法步骤:4


    Eggs dispersed

  • [三宝牛肉羹的做法步骤:5 123]


    Stir -fry the beef in the hot pot, stir -fry the corn kernels.

  • 三宝牛肉羹的做法步骤:6 7

    Add three bowls of water

  • 8 三宝牛肉羹的做法步骤:7 Add salt and chicken powder after the soup is boiled, and then boil in enoki mushrooms and starch water.

  • 9 三宝牛肉羹的做法步骤:8 After the fire is turned off, the egg liquid is slowly poured into the soup and stirred it.

  • 10 三宝牛肉羹的做法步骤:9 After installing a bowl, sprinkle a few green onions.


  • Beef chopped and chopped as much as possible, and it is easy to fry when stir -fry.Renoli mushrooms are simmered in salt and boiled water to remove the residual sulfur.After the egg liquid is turned off, pour it in to use the temperature of the soup to scal the egg flower, which can make the egg flower feel smooth.