How to make rock sugar red -roasted beef beef tail


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\”Beef fat content is small! Suitable for the current diet! If you ca n’t finish stewing in this way, you can put it in the freezer of the refrigerator directly. When you want to eat it, take it out when you want to eat it, add a bowl of ramen, add a little kelp, and hot a few pieces of beef with a bowl of beef ramen. Make you very satisfied! \”
ingredient details
Main ingredient 123]


  • Auxiliary material

Onion [onion [ 123] 1


1 piece

  • 1 Rock sugar
  • 5 pieces [ 123]

  • cotton white sugar 2 spoons
  • stewed meat 2
  • 5 ]
  • Dry red pepper 5
  • Oyster sauce 3 spoons
  • Cooking wine

  • 3 spoon [123 ] Lao Suo
  • 2 spoons

  • salt
  • A moderate amount

  • Original flavor [123 ] Stewing process
  • One hour takes time

  • Advanced difficulty
  • The practice of rock sugar red -roasted beef beef tail [
  • [ 123]

  • 1
  • Beef, clean tail cleaning


Press the bone seam into blocks

  • 冰糖红烧牛肉牛尾的做法步骤:1 3

    Beef pressed into a large piece [ 123]

  • 4 冰糖红烧牛肉牛尾的做法步骤:2 Use boiling water to simmer the ox tail, beef, and cook the blood foam!

  • 5 冰糖红烧牛肉牛尾的做法步骤:3 It is full of clean pots!

  • 6 冰糖红烧牛肉牛尾的做法步骤:4 The main ingredients

  • 7 [7 [] 7 [] 123] Put the oil in the pot and add two spoons of cotton sugar! Little fire handles melted sugar!

  • 8

  • and other sugar into brown, when the smoke in the pot, close the fire, wait About one minute!

  • 9

  • Put the beef beef tail in the pot and stir fry!

  • 10

  • Add cooking wine, continue stir -fry, add green onion ginger, pepper!

  • 11

  • If the color is not enough, add the old pumping color, and then add oyster sauce!

  • 12

  • Stir -fry evenly, add an appropriate amount of salt to season!

  • 13

  • Pour the beef -beef tail fried sugar in the high pressure cooker, add a whole garlic, rock sugar, stewed meat seasoning bag! Pour in a small pot to boil water!

  • 14

  • Fire, high -pressure pot gas turn on for 40 minutes, soft and glutinous beef beef tail!

    When cutting beef, cut according to the texture of the beef ~

  • 2 When fried sugar color, you must grasp the heat and not use it. Too big fire ~ easy to be confused! The sugar is bitter!

  • 3 don’t need too much water in the high pressure cooker, it is about the same as a liter ~ Please add it according to the amount of cooking meat!
    4 high pressure cookers, 40 minutes of meat is just right! Soft! 冰糖红烧牛肉牛尾的做法步骤:13