How to make roasted honey beef beef

\”The weather gets cold every day. As soon as this season, I always want to eat barbecue. I always have a great appetite when I see barbecue. The roasted meat in the old Beijing is often eaten in our family in winter. A barbecue iron is iron, and my son said on the weekend that he had to eat barbecue at their house, so I took my roasted seeds. Today I want to eat beef to eat, and I use the thick iron fried pan instead of the roast, because this is because of this The pot is also cast iron. The only difference is that there is no stun, but the effect of the roasting is basically the same as that of iron. My seasoning is used for the honey barbecue of Kuke Yibai. Convenient, as long as you put it in proportion, you can also control the cooking skills. The taste is grilled, and if the taste is tender, you need to pay attention to the steps in the process of pickling. I will explain one by one in the operation steps. This approach is actually not completely grilled. It is a family practice of barbecue.

ingredient details

Main ingredients

    Bee Barbecue

  • 17g
  • Auxiliary ingredients

rice wine


  • ] Dry starch
  • 3g

  • Edible oil
  • A moderate amount

  • Coriander A moderation ]

Other flavors

Fried crafts

  • Ten minutes time consumption
  • Ordinary difficulty

  • Step of the practice of roasted honey juice beef


    Beef chosen to choose less fascia , And it is sour beef. Such beef is suitable for this method. Do not use frozen, freezing is not suitable for this method

  • 炙子烤蜜汁牛肉的做法步骤:1
    [ 123]


    Put in Kuke Yili’s honey barbecue

  • 炙子烤蜜汁牛肉的做法步骤:2
    Add rice wine Stir evenly

  • 炙子烤蜜汁牛肉的做法步骤:3 4

    and then put in dry starch and mix well

  • 炙子烤蜜汁牛肉的做法步骤:4

  • ]

    Finally, put a little edible oil

  • 炙子烤蜜汁牛肉的做法步骤:6


    Mix well, soPut it on the piece of meat, and you can fully lock the moisture of the meat. The beef will be tender

  • 7 炙子烤蜜汁牛肉的做法步骤:7 If ifWithout a baking sheet, it is also possible to use this thick cast iron.Pour the edible oil after the pot is heated, and then add the marinated beef

  • 8
    Use chopsticksThe meat is slightly discolored 炙子烤蜜汁牛肉的做法步骤:8

  • 9

  • Putting coriander immediately


  • Quickly stir fry until the meat is not bloody, you can leave the fire.Because there is a waste heat in the pot, you can stay in the pan for a while in the pot.

  • 炙子烤蜜汁牛肉的做法步骤:10

    This dish is marinated and the other is the heat.


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