How to make roasted beer chicken

\”Summer is here, I often feel appetite, stimulate taste buds, sweat, and exclude toxins relaxed!\”

ingredient details

Main ingredients


  • 500g

Auxiliary materials

Carrot [ 123] Five six roots

  • Bamboo shoots Two
  • Sea pepper five
  • long pepper

  • Four Gen
  • Pickle

  • A moderate amount
  • Bubble ginger

  • A moderate amount Dry sea pepper
  • Affairs

  • [ 123] garlic Seven or eight petals
  • Edit oil Affairs
  • A moderate amount
  • Beer One can
  • Douban sauce A tablespoon
  • Spicy flavor

] Burning process

One hour time consuming

  • Ordinary difficulty
  • The method of stewed beer chicken
  • [ 123]


    Prepare ingredients

  • 焖烧啤酒鸡的做法步骤:1



  • ] Preparation of prepared auxiliary materials

  • 焖烧啤酒鸡的做法步骤:2

    Chicken cut into water for spare water, remove the floating foam on the chicken soup, remove the water Back!

  • 焖烧啤酒鸡的做法步骤:3

    Put the chicken and stir -fry after pouring oil

  • 焖烧啤酒鸡的做法步骤:4

    Stir -fry the chicken to the slightly yellow and add Douban sauce and all the auxiliary materials to continue stir -fry

  • 焖烧啤酒鸡的做法步骤:5 [123 ]


    Pour a can of beer, add the raw soup of the chicken, cover the pot in the pot for about 20 minutes, add carrot bamboo shoots, and continue to burn

  • [ 123]

  • 焖烧啤酒鸡的做法步骤:6 7

    Add when the beer is about to be burnedStir -fry the green peppers and complete the pot. This summer is very flavorful!

  • Tips

  • 1. The weather is hot, the summer dampness is worse, and the punching pepper and ginger are beneficial to dehumidify, which can be increased or decreased according to personal taste 焖烧啤酒鸡的做法步骤:7 2If you are allergic to alcohol, you can directly boil chicken soup without adding water!

    3. You can add auxiliary materials according to your preference!I because my son likes carrots.


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