How to make roast beef skewers in family


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\” If you do n’t eat mutton, you can roast beef skewers

ingredients details

    Beef [ 123] 1kg

  • Chicken wings
  • 12

  • enoki mushroom
  • 200g

Auxiliary materials

Peppole powder

A moderate amount

  • Oyster sauce 2 spoons
  • salt

  • A moderate amount
  • cooking wine

  • A moderate amount
  • Pickled meat

  • A moderate amount Onion
  • 1

  • [ 123] Shengpan Affairs
  • Starch A moderate amount
  • Oil A moderate amount
  • Cuminum Fan

  • A moderate amount
  • Original flavor
  • Unknown difficulty

  • family roast Steps of beef skewers

  • 1
  • Chicken wing knife, put in pumpkin, a small amount of cooking wine, pickle, pickled Make 2 hours.

  • 2 家庭烤牛肉串的做法步骤:1 Beef cuts about 1cm, cut the onion, put the cut beef grains, add salt, add salt, add salt, add salt, add salt, add salt, add salt, add salt, Cooking wine, oyster sauce, raw soy sauce, oil, a small amount of starch marinated meat for 2 hours.

  • 3 家庭烤牛肉串的做法步骤:2 Put a string, clean the enoki mushrooms and control the water.

  • 4 家庭烤牛肉串的做法步骤:3 Plastic bags on the gas stove to prevent soaring, open the range hood, and bake.

  • 5 家庭烤牛肉串的做法步骤:4 Baked enoki mushrooms, you can roast all the dishes you love to eat.

  • 6
    Brush oil in an appropriate amount, and then bake it with personal flavor and pepper.家庭烤牛肉串的做法步骤:5

  • 7
    with beer, perfect.家庭烤牛肉串的做法步骤:6


  • Before the beef is cut, you must break the muscles and beat the beef with the back of the knife to prevent it from bite.Onion tastes and fishy

  • To prevent the taste from turbulent, I must be under the range hood
    I use an electric stove 家庭烤牛肉串的做法步骤:7


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