How to make rice with beef covering rice

\”I really want to eat rice, I have never made measuring rice; try it today. Please make precious opinions.\”

ingredients details

The main ingredients

  • rice One bowl
  • Water
  • Beef

  • 2 cooked
  • Tomato

  • 2
  • White radish

  • Section Carrot
  • A

  • ]

Auxiliary materials



  • Lao Tang Half bowl
  • tomato sauce A spoon
  • A spoon
  • Ginger

  • Three pieces [ 123]
  • Original flavor

Pucket ]

Step of the practice of beef covering rice

  • Take the beef out of the refrigerator out It was cooked and frozen, boiled with boiling water for a minute, and removed.


  • Then take 2 tomatoes to wash and cut into pieces. Cut some green onions, a white radish, and a carrot.

  • 3

  • Prepare seasoning. Soy oil, tomato sauce, seafood soy sauce, old soup half bowl.

  • 4

  • Heat the pan, put a spoonful of vegetable oil, stir -fry the onion, ginger and tomatoes.

  • 5

  • Put a spoonful of tomato sauce, half a bowl of old soup, a spoonful of seafood soy sauce, and two bowls of water.

  • 6

  • After opening the pan, it can be used for 20 minutes.

  • 7

  • Take the canned side dishes. Wash another bowl of rice and two bowls of water for ricemeal.Cold water, boil and boil for 20 minutes.

  • 8

  • The rice is cooked and built on the plate, then poured beef vegetables on the riceCan.

    When the beef is beef, check whether the pot is dried, but not add water.To the original soup flavor.Rice is cooked and continued to stop for 10 minutes.