How to make red -roasted tomato beef ramen


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[Homemade beef ramen, easy to learn, zero mistakes \”[ 123]

ingredients details

Main ingredients



  • Tomato
  • 5

  • shiitake mushroom
  • rapese ] Accessories
  • Soybean sauce
  • 4 spoons

Be milk


] Oyster sauce

2 spoons

  • Old Pump 5g
  • Salt
  • Rock sugar A little
  • Stewed meat A little
  • Wuxiang flavor

  • Burning process
  • One hour takes time

  • Simple difficulty

The practice of braised tomato beef ramen

  • 123]
  • 1
  • Tomatoes are scalded with hot water. Rinse the blood with hot water for 3 minutes, add a few drops of liquor when simmered water, and remove the fishy.

  • 2
    Tomato 4/5 cut small diced, 1/5 slices. Cut 4 petals of shiitake mushrooms.

  • 3

    Add a little oil in a wok, just a little bit. Add a little ginger onion and spread into the tomato. After stir -fry the water, add a little pepper and sugar to continue frying.

  • 红烧蕃茄牛肉拉面的做法步骤:3 4

    Add beef stir -fry, add raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, bean curd, cooking wine, continue to stir -fry. Just a few minutes.

  • 5 红烧蕃茄牛肉拉面的做法步骤:4 Pour into the high -pressure cooker, add water, salt, stewed meat, add the tomato slices just cut. Turn to low heat after turning on low heat for 25 minutes, which is good.

  • 6
    Add a spoonful of salt during the living noodles, moderate soft and hard.Wake up for an hour after the noodles live.Divide into a few large pieces and apply a little oil.Roll into large blockbusters and cut into strips.After the water is opened, drag it into the noodle edge and cook it. Cook it for two minutes.

  • 7 红烧蕃茄牛肉拉面的做法步骤:6 Simprion of the rape, add the beef noodles to serve


  • 1. Tomato leaves a little sliced to increase the taste when eating.
    2. Add salt with the noodles and chewy.Be sure to wake up for more than an hour.红烧蕃茄牛肉拉面的做法步骤:7


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