How to make red -roasted beef tofu_How to make red -roasted beef tofu


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\” I think it’s delicious to make a backup. \”

ingredient details

    Tender tofu

  • A moderate amount
  • Beef

  • A moderate amount (thin) Spicy Hot Pot ingredients
  • A moderate amount

  • [ 123] Auxiliary materials


A moderate amount

  • A moderate amount peppercorns
  • A moderate amount

  • Douban sauce in Qianxian County
  • A moderate amount

  • Ginger A moderate amount
  • Water starch A moderate amount
  • Chicken Essence Affairs
  • Oyster sauce A moderate amount
  • Cuminum powder

  • A moderate amount
  • Peppole powder

  • Affairs
  • Soy sauce

  • A moderate amount
  • A moderate amount

  • Zanthol oil A moderation
  • Timmer time Ordinary difficulty

The practice of red -roasted beef tofu

  • 1
  • Chop beef into beef At the end, the tofu is cut into pieces. Add some salt to the pot first, and the onion head is separated from the green onion. Cut the ginger and garlic, blend the water starch in a small bowl, and pour out the cold water after the tofu is boiled.


  • Pour a little oil in the pot, pour in the end of the beef, stir fry for 40 seconds to low heat, add ginger and garlic, add ginger and garlic, Lall onion, peppercorns, add an appropriate amount of Douxian Douban sauce, stir -fry the red oil and put a little spicy hot pot bottom, fry, add tofu, stir -fry evenly, add water to the last tofu.

  • 3

  • Seasoning, chicken essence, cumin powder, pepper, oyster sauce, salt, soy sauce a little, stir well in the pot, burn 10 10 minute,When tofu is half -cut.


  • Three times, thickened, then hook it after the last time, pour a little pepper oil, put on the plate, and sprinkle with green onions.

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