How to make red -roasted beef noodles

\”My daughter likes sports since she was a child. At the age of eight, she started playing. Because the content of myopic acid in beef is higher than other foods, it makes it particularly effective for growing muscles and enhanced strength. The coach always requires us to give her more. After ten years Work hard, now she has won the title of second -level athletes, and my level of cooking beef has also been greatly improved! \”

ingredients details

Main ingredients

  • Beef 1000g
  • Noodles

  • 150g

Auxiliary materials

corn oil

    2 tablespoons

  • salt A moderate amount
  • rock sugar A moderate amount
  • Old Pump A moderate amount
  • octagonal Affairs
  • Pepper

  • Affairs [
  • [

  • [ [ [ 123] Xiangye
  • Affairs

  • Cumin
  • Affairs

  • Affairs
  • Vetneys [123 ] Appropriate amount
  • Grass fruit

  • Affairs
  • Orange peel

  • White Cardamom
  • A moderate amount

  • Cumin
  • Affairs

  • Dry pepper
  • Affairs

  • Flower wine A moderate amount
  • Ginger A moderate amount
  • Soy sauce A moderate amount
  • A moderate amount
  • [123 ] Wuxiang flavor
  • Stewing process A few hours of time
  • 1
  • Wash and cut the beef.

  • 2 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:1 Immersed in clear water for 30 minutes to remove pollution.

  • 3
    Add cooking wine and ginger slices to the water, add beefCook the meat and boil for about 10 minutes. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:2

  • 4
    Remove the beef and rinse it. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:3

  • 5
    Cut the beef (slightly larger). 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:4

  • 6
    Wash the dried chili peppers for later use. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:5

  • 7
    Prepare spices (octagonal, peppercorns, etc.), ginger slices. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:6

  • 8
    Put rock sugar after the oil is hot in the pot. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:7

  • 9
    Fry it into syrup. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:8

  • 10
    Put ginger slices and spices in the fragrance. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:9

  • 11
    Pour the beef into the dry water. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:10

  • 12
    Add old soy sauce and water until cooked. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:11

  • 13
    Finally add salt and season. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:12

  • 14
    Coriander washed with cooked cutting board. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:13

  • 15
    Put the noodles and cooked after the water is opened. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:14

  • 16
    Add soy sauce and coriander after picking up, and then scoop two spoons of red -roasted beef, a bowl of fragrant braised beef noodles It is born! 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:15


  • 1. Beef is not easy to stew. If you want to be faster, you can use a high -pressure cooker to stew.

  • 2. Add enough water to stew beef at one time, and then adding it will affect the taste of beef.
    3. Finally, add salt, and the salt should not be stewed early. 红烧牛肉面的做法步骤:16 4. Because cod fat increases the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the body, I did not use butter, but used corn oil.

    5. The beef that can’t be eaten temporarily can be paid for a small portion, put in the refrigerator to freeze, and heat it when needed.