How to make red bean pumpkin powder steamed meat


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\”[The theme of the gourmet family-the second season]\” Red Bean Pumpkin Powder Steamed \”-Pumpkin Sisters Five (named on August 19, 1010)

(Creative rehabilitation dishes for mothers and children to participate in food world)

Kitchen oil fume The harm of harm is increasingly attracted people’s attention. How to avoid cooking from oil fume and cooking. \”Steamed Pork\” is a dish for cooking without oil smoke. It uses steamed and boiled cooking methods and the natural characteristics of ingredients to use the ingredients such as red beans, white lentils, bean bean bean, ginkgo and other ingredients. In the processed ‘pumpkin lotus’, and the ingredients such as prawns and other ingredients, use simple inlaid styling methods to show it: \”Red Bean Pumpkin Powder Steamed Pork\” Bao Lotus scene, which: unique charm of color and fragrance, fresh and tender fragrance and tenderness The beef and the glutinous bean treasures are fresh with fresh shrimp, pumpkin full of marinade, and delicious fragrance. It is particularly adapted to children’s diet psychology. It is extremely rich in nutrition. The best choice, as a family banquet is the first choice

\”Red Bean Pumpkin Powder Steamed Pork\” and \”Fushou Pumpkin Eight Treasures\”, \”Pumpkin New Year Cake Eight Treasures\” ‘Fortune Babao Nangua Cup’ ‘Babao Pumpkin Centennial Centennial Centennial He is the five sisters of pumpkin sisters, wet products, cakes, and dishes; (because of the cooking of half a pumpkin in the pumpkin rice cakes, the cooking, which inspires my inspiration Creativity and improvement, form a series, share it with your friends)

now upload the ingredients configuration diagram to share with the relatives, I hope everyone likes it!

May foods are often accompanied by people, people are often accompanied by people, people are often accompanied by people, people are often accompanied Renfu Shoukang! \”

ingredients details




  • ] Red Bean
  • 100g

Auxiliary material

White lentils

] 50g

  • Broadmount Douban 80g
  • White Fruit
  • Beef

  • 150g
  • ]
  • Tomato Shashi

  • 10g


Oyster sauce


  • Sweet Noodle Sauce 15g
  • Onion 4g
  • Ginger

  • 4G
  • Pork Powder

  • 3g
  • Spicy Fan

  • 5g Wuxiang Powder
  • 3g

  • June June Fresh
  • 10ml

  • salt
  • A moderate amount

  • olive oil
  • 15m

  • Seated oil 10ml
  • ]

  • MSG A moderate amount
  • Sweet flavor

  • steaming process
  • Time to take time

Ordinary difficulty

  • The practice of red bean pumpkin powder steamed meat
  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:1 ]

    Pumpkin clean water invades and washed the outer skin, and uses a spoon to remove melons for later use;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:2

  • ] 2 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:3 Pumpkin is buckled upside down on the chopping board and flattened with a knife;

  • Cut the corners of the knife, and the knife must be accurate when cutting, ensuring that the corners of the cutting are intact;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:4

    The prawns were removed from the shrimp removed. Wash the head for later use;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:5

    After the red bean water is hair, wash and set aside;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:6


  • 6

  • After the white lentil water is hair, wash and set aside;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:8


    Wash and set aside of broad bean bean bean petroatia;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:9


    White fruit washed and set aside;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:10


    Put the processed red beans, white lentils, bean bean bean, white fruits in a microwave steamer, add an appropriate amount ;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:11 10

    Use a microwave oven high power file for 5 minutes;

  • 11 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:12 , Booth Bean Bean Douban and Ginkgo are cooked;

  • 12

  • Select fresh beef;
    红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:13 [

    [ 123]

  • 13

  • Cut the beef into large pieces, about 3mm thick;
    [ 123]


    Beef inion, ginger, tomato sauce, oyster sauce, sweet noodle sauce, spicy powder, pepper powder, spiced powder, white sugar, June fresh, olive oil, sesame oil, taste lava pulp made ;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:15

    After mixing the beef, the slurry is 5 minutes;

  • [ 123]

    After washing the cooking Douban with water, add it to the beef and mix well for 2 minutes;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:17


  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:18 17

    Wash the cooking white lentils and ginkgo with water;

  • 18 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:19 Wash the boiled red beans with water;

  • 19
    Add the washed white lentils , Bai Guo, Red Bean, mix well for a moment; 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:20


  • Add powder steamed meat rice flour;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:21

  • ]

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:22

    Mix the ingredients with chopsticks;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:23 [

    123] 22

    Put the white lentil code at the bottom of the pumpkin lotus, then cover a layer of beef, and then cover the red beans on the beef;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:24

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:25 ]


    Cover the beef on the red beans;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:26 24

    Cover the beef beef bean bean bean paste; [[[[[[[


  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:27 25

    Plas a layer of beef tablets on Douban, Cover all the ingredients, then inlaid the pumpkin corner as a petals according to the figure;

  • 26
    in the The beef tops the shrimp and ginkgo to form a flower type, and then embellishment with red beans; 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:28


  • After the ingredients are placed , Put it in a steamer containing water, seal the \”Fushou Pumpkin Eight Treasure Lotus\” with plastic wrap, put it in the microwave oven;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:29
    [ 123]


    Cooking with high-power stalls with a microwave oven for 10-12 minutes;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:30


    After cooking Stir in the microwave furnace for a while, so that the marinade of the \”red bean pumpkin powder steamed meat ‘is fully integrated into the pumpkin;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:31 30

    After the \”Red Bean Pumpkin Powder\” is slightly cooled, take out the steamer and remove the plastic wrap, and you can eat it on the table;

  • 31 [123
    ] Edible characteristics: Because all kinds of beans are covered layer by layer, each layer of ingredients have different taste when tasted, and the taste is very rich; 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:32



    Consumption: First share the small dish of \”Red Bean Pumpkin Powder Steamed Meat\” with chopsticks and spoons;

  • 红豆南瓜粉蒸肉的做法步骤:33

    Consumption: Use a spoon to share the pumpkin in the pumpkin in \”Red Bean Pumpkin Powder Steamed\” with the guests.


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