How to make raw pumpkin rice


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\”The nutritional value of pumpkin is very high. \”Say it can\” supplement the qi \”.\” Medical Lin Ji Yao \”records that it can\” benefit the heart and converge the lungs \”. Eating pumpkin often can make the stool smooth, the skin is beautiful, especially for women, and has a beauty effect. In the season, making a golden pumpkin rice is enough. \”

ingredients details

The main ingredients

  • ] Pumpkin A moderate amount
  • Pork A moderate amount
  • A moderate amount
  • shiitake mushroom

A moderate amount


Auxiliary materials

  • Ginger
  • Affairs

  • Onion
  • A moderate amount

  • garlic
  • A moderate amount



  • A moderate amount
  • salt

  • A moderate amount

salty sweet flavor

fried process

  • Ten minutes takes time
  • Simple difficulty
  • The practice of raw pumpkin rice

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  • Pumpkin small pieces, pork cut small pieces, mushrooms, ginger, garlic cloves, green onions.


  • Put the oil in the hot pot, stir -fry the pork with medium and medium heat, fry the pork until the color is changed, put it in the discoloration Ginger and garlic cloves stir -fry the fragrance.

  • 生焗南瓜饭的做法步骤:2


    Add pumpkin, shiitake mushrooms, etc. Fry evenly.

  • 生焗南瓜饭的做法步骤:3


    Add an appropriate amount You can add a little salt when boiled.

  • 生焗南瓜饭的做法步骤:4

    The water is slightly dry, stir fry itNext, cover the cover and continue to be stuffy for a while.

  • 生焗南瓜饭的做法步骤:5

    Stir fry the water a few times and then cook it until the soft pumpkin is wrapped in the rice grains.After turning off the heat, sprinkle with green onions and stir -fry evenly, and the color is more eye -catching.Put on the table.

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