How to make potato chicken nuggets

\”Today, a simple potato chicken, the operation is simple! It’s delicious and delicious! Every time fried chicken can’t be separated from potatoes and shiitake mushrooms, it is delicious!\” It also has nutritional value! \”

ingredients details

Main ingredient]



  • Auxiliary material

  • corn starch
  • A spoon

  • ]


    corn oil

  • 9 ml
  • cooking wine

5 ml

Laogan mother chili sauce

A spoon

  • salt 2Grand
  • Micro spicy flavor
  • Swing crafts Three -person bell time consumption
  • Ordinary difficulty

  • [ The practice of potato chicken nuggets

1 Potato peeled block and cut.

  • 2 Chicken was washed and cut into pieces, cooking wine, marinated corn starch for a while, and for later!

  • 3 Boil of the oil pan to six mature, add a spoonful of corn oil, pour in chicken.
  • 4 fire quickly stir fry and add a spoonful of old godmother to stir fry for one minute.

  • 5 Add potatoes and stir fry.土豆焖鸡块的做法步骤:1
  • 6 Add a spoonful of salt and stir fry evenly.土豆焖鸡块的做法步骤:2
  • 7 Add an appropriate amount of water.土豆焖鸡块的做法步骤:3
  • 8 large fires for 20 minutes.土豆焖鸡块的做法步骤:4
  • 9 Add some tomatoes and stir -fry for a few minutes.土豆焖鸡块的做法步骤:5
  • 10 enter, finished product map!土豆焖鸡块的做法步骤:6
  • 11 delicious lunch, a family often meals!土豆焖鸡块的做法步骤:7
  • 12 finished picturesIntersectionIt’s delicious and delicious!土豆焖鸡块的做法步骤:8