How to make potato bean horn roasted shiitake mushrooms


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\”[indifferent leanism: change the order of eating also Can lose weight!]

The order of eating is also a knowledge! When you eat, what to eat first, what to eat then, will also have a very large nutrition. Enjoy thin.
First of all, prepare a slap -sized plate for yourself before eating, cover the plate with various colors of fruits and vegetables, try to finish the fruits and vegetables in the plate first, then eat rice and meat, etc. Of course, do not have to obey too much. The purpose of this is just to remind yourself the principle of priority intake of fruits and vegetables. In this way, high -fiber and low -calorie foods have occupied most of the stomach space, high calories, high fats Naturally, you can eat less. If you are used to such a order of diet, you will slowly find your body and healthy improvement!
Today, I recommend a potato bean horn roasted shiitake mushrooms for everyone, which can meet different needs Oh!

[Potato Bean Cape Roasted shiitake mushrooms]

Time: 25 minutes
calorie: 347 card
(100g shiitake-199 card; 100g potato-168 big big Card; 100g bean angle-30 card; 100g pork-143 card)
Share: Two people \”

ingredients details

Main ingredients
shiitake mushroom


  • Bean horns 100g
  • Tudou Affairs




  • Onion section 5g [5g [ 123]
  • Ginger slices

  • 3 pieces
  • garlic clove

  • A moderate amount Green pepper
  • 3 petals

  • Da material
  • Affairs

  • Oyster sauce 5g ]
  • Douban sauce Affairs
  • Shengpan Affairs
  • Old Sanda

  • Affairs [ 123] White Grunt
  • 5ml

  • Salt
  • Affairs

  • Botanical oil
  • 2ml

slightly spicy flavor

Burning process

  • Time time takes time
  • Ordinary difficulty
  • The practice of potato bean horn roast shiitake mushrooms

  • 土豆豆角烧香菇的做法步骤:1

  • 1
    Wash the beans horns into about 5cm, potatoes peel and cut into pieces, wash mushrooms into pieces 土豆豆角烧香菇的做法步骤:2

  • 土豆豆角烧香菇的做法步骤:3


  • 土豆豆角烧香菇的做法步骤:4


    Pork cut slices, sliced \u200b\u200bshallots, shredded green peppers, ginger and garlic slices

  • [123 ]


    Heat the oil into the oil, pour the meat slices and stir fry until slightly curly, yellowed on the surface

  • 土豆豆角烧香菇的做法步骤:6 4

    Pour into the cut potatoes, beans, shiitake mushrooms and stir -fry, and seasoned


Pour the appropriate amount of boiling water until the vegetables in the pot are drowned, add old sauce, sugar, oil consumption and stir well, boil on high heat

] 6 Turn over low heat, cover the pot lid and cook for about 20 minutes, add salt to season, turn the heat to collect the juice Tips [ 123] [Small Ding Ding】] Pork should not soak water for a long time. Do not clean it with hot water before cooking, because pork contains myized protein, which is easily dissolved in water above 15 °. Many nutrients also affect the taste. Cut the pork when cutting.


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