How to make pork lotus root balls


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Main ingredients [123 ]

    Pork filling

  • A pound
  • Lotus root

  • Egg
  • Two two

Onion gingermade

A moderate amount

  • salt A moderate amount
  • Chicken Essence Affairs
  • Oil
  • Swear

  • Affairs
  • octagonal

  • Affairs
  • cooking wine

  • A moderate amount starch
  • A moderate amount

  • Pepper A moderate amount
  • Salted flavor Fry crafts
  • Half an hour consuming

[ 123] Advanced difficulty

    The practice of pork lotus root balls

  • 1

A moderate amount of pork filling.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:1 2

    Lotus root section, peel and wash.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:2 3

    First rub the wire with the wire.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:3 4

    Put it in the cooking machine and shatter it (I use manual).

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:4 5

    Add a little chicken essence, sesame oil, raw soy sauce, pepper, salt.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:5 6

    Onion ginger minced use.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:6 7

    Stir in one direction in one direction with chopsticks, put two eggs, put on the onion ginger.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:7 8

    The lotus root is slightly soup, put it in the meat filling, and add a small spoon of dry starch to stir well.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:8 9

    Take an appropriate amount of filling with a spoon.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:9 10

    Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pot to boil to 70 % heat, put it in a ball, use a spoon to press flat, medium heat, medium heat Fry.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:10 11

    Golden brown in both sides is spare.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:11 12

    Leave the bottom oil inside the pot, put in the octagonal savory, put on the green onion ginger slices.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:12 13

    Pour into the fried balls.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:13 14

    Cook the cooking wine to fish, add a little Donggu Yipin fresh seasoning, add an appropriate amount of water without ingredients.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:14 15

    Boil to the full taste, the ingredients can be completely cooked and can be turned off.

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:15 16

    Put on the table!

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:16 17

    finished map!

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:17 18

    finished map!

  • 猪肉莲藕丸子的做法步骤:18 19

    finished map!


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