How to make pork dumplings_How to make pork dumplings


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\”The breakfast at home is made by yourself, the family is very Eat less outside, get tired of steamed bun buns, and sometimes it will be replaced with dumplings. Generally, the dumpling skin is available for saving dumplings. The meat filling is made by itself. If you want to look good, you must be red and green in the filling. Cooked dumplings look particularly good -looking, generally red carrots, green green onions. I have to eat it as soon as half an hour. I personally think it is better than Dasha County. \”

Ingredients details

Main ingredients


  • 150g Dumpling skin
  • 200g

  • ] Carrot
  • 1 root

  • Egg
  • 1

Auxiliary material



  • A little
  • Ginger A little [ 123]
  • Raw Fan

  • 15g
  • Raw soy sauce

  • Original flavor [ 123]
  • Steamed Craft

Half -hour time consumption

Simple difficult ]

  • 1
  • Pork and carrots need to be chopped, carrots should be put a little salt to force the water out. Squeeze excess water with your hands.


  • Put a large bowl of ingredients and put a egg.

  • 3

  • Add raw powder, a little salt, raw soy sauce, stir well with chopsticks.

  • 4

  • Take a piece of dumpling skin and put the pork filling in the middle.

  • 5

  • Press the shape you like.


  • Put the pot, steam on time, steam for ten minutes!

  • 猪肉饺子的做法步骤:5


    finished product.

  • 猪肉饺子的做法步骤:6


    1. Add eggs and raw powder to make the dumpling filling smooth and tender.

    2. The dumplings must be dried water. The main reason is that the vegetables should be forced to produce excess water with salt before adding the meat with the meat. It is difficult to pinch too much water.


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