How to make pork dumplings


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\”Spring is tender and delicious. Stir -fried, making bun dumplings are delicious and delicious. Remember that every spring, my mother loves to use dumplings, and our sisters are responsible for choosing crickets. Mom rubbing the noodles and chopping meat. Dinner is pork dumplings. In a circle, my mother will give our sisters a bowl of dumplings and a bowl of dumpling soup. Usually, the father is a bowl of vinegar and chili oil. The younger brother was young at that time, and the father said that his father was 3 bowls. And he was two bowls, and he ran to his father to see if the bowl was also dumplings. When watching the red pepper oil, when the mother couldn’t stop, the brother also learned that Dad put the dumplings on the dumplings in Stick inside, and the spicy nose and tears came out. We watched our younger brother’s silly appearance. This warm picture will never appear! Mom: \”Okay in heaven, we all miss you all you want you It’s! \”

] has the effects of clearing heat and diuretic, relieving tendons, sparse intestines, stones, and blood nourishing blood; Night blindness, bladder stones and other diseases.
also have the effects of clearing the spleen and stomach, intestines, and lower bladder stones. \”

ingredients details

Main ingredients



  • A moderate amount Flour
  • A moderate amount

  • Pork Affairs
  • [ 123]

  • Auxiliary materials


A moderate amount

    A moderate amount [ 123]

  • Onion A moderate amount
  • Soy sauce A moderate amount
  • Wuxiang Powder Affairs
  • [123 ] Chicken Essence

  • A moderate amount
  • Ginger

  • A moderate amount
  • Salted fresh flavor
  • Cooking process

  • A few hours of time
  • Ordinary difficulty

The practice of pork dumplings

  • 1
  • ingredients: 苜蓿 Pork, sesame oil, salt, green onion, ginger chicken essence, spiced powder soy sauce flour


  • Put the flour with water into a smooth dough, wrap it in fresh -keeping bags, wake up for about 30 minutes


  • Wash the head and wash the water and control the water, simmer with boiling water

  • 苜蓿猪肉饺子的做法步骤:2

    4 [ 123] Use cold water to cool down, squeeze the water, shake it, and chop it with a knife

  • 苜蓿猪肉饺子的做法步骤:3


    Wash the green onion ginger to wash Cut Section

  • 苜蓿猪肉饺子的做法步骤:4 6

    Pork peeling slices


  • 123]

  • 7 苜蓿猪肉饺子的做法步骤:5 Wash the dumplings, add pork onion ginger, ginger, sesame oil

  • 8 [ 123] Turn a few times into a meat filling

  • 苜蓿猪肉饺子的做法步骤:6


    Put the meat in the basin, add flavoring sauce sauce, spiced powder powder Uniform, add salt and mix well

  • 苜蓿猪肉饺子的做法步骤:7

    Rub the dough, rub the growth strips, cut into small agents [ 123]

  • 苜蓿猪肉饺子的做法步骤:8

    Roll it into a small circle, add meat filling

  • 苜蓿猪肉饺子的做法步骤:9

  • ]

  • 苜蓿猪肉饺子的做法步骤:10 12

    Packing into a dumpling shape

  • 13
    Boil the pot and add water, add water, add water, add water, add water, add water, add water Boil the fire, lower dumplings 苜蓿猪肉饺子的做法步骤:11

  • 14

  • Cook until the dumplings are swollen and drifted. 123]
    苜蓿猪肉饺子的做法步骤:12 Tips
    苜蓿 苜蓿 12 12 12 12 12 掐

    Otherwise, it is not delicious

    When you cook it for a long time

    hot Quickly picked up the color change


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