How to make pork and cabbage stewed noodles


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]


    A moderate amount

  • Affairs
  • Powder A moderate amount
  • Oil A moderate amount
  • Auxiliary material


A moderate amount
    Cooking wine

  • A moderate amount
  • Old Pump

  • Affairs
  • Affairs

  • [ [ 123] Garlic
  • A moderate amount

  • Ginger
  • A moderate amount

  • Salted fresh flavor [123 ] Stewing process
  • Time time takes time

Simple difficulty

    The practice of pork and cabbage stewing strips

  • [ 123]
  • 1

Material collection of raw materials.

  • 猪肉白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:1 2

    Come on in the hot pot, green onion ginger and garlic.

  • 猪肉白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:2 3

    Pour the cut pork and stir fry.

  • 猪肉白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:3 4

    Fry until the pork is slightly white, pour in cooking wine, old soy sauce, and stir well.

  • 猪肉白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:4 5

    Add soup without pork (add more) and put fans.

  • 猪肉白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:5 6

    After the fire is boiled, cook for a while, add cabbage.

  • 猪肉白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:6 7

    Continue to cook for a while, cooked, add a small amount of green onion before the pan, and season with salt.


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