How to make Pleurotus eryngius fish fragrant shredded pork


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[This is to add to the traditional fish flavor shredded pork The mushrooms are richer in the taste, and the amount of vegetables is added to the amount of vegetables. \”

The details of the ingredients

The main ingredients

[ 123]

    150 grams

  • Pleurotus eryngii
  • Green pepper One
  • [123 ]

  • Carrot Half root
  • Black fungus A moderate amount
  • Auxiliary material
Water starch

A moderate amount

  • cooking wine
  • A moderate amount

  • [ [ 123] Onion
  • A moderate amount

  • Ginger
  • A moderate amount

  • A moderate amount
  • ingredients

Douban, Xixian


A moderate amount
[123 ] Raw soy sauce

    A moderate amount

  • Vinegar
  • A moderate amount

  • Affairs
  • salt A moderate amount [ 123]
  • cooking wine A moderate amount
  • A moderate amount starch
  • A moderate amount

  • Fish flavor
  • Stir -fried process Time time takes time
  • Ordinary difficulty

Pleurotus eryngius fish fragrant shredded pork shreds

  • Pork shreds, add a little a little Cake wine and a tablespoon of water starch and marinate for 20 minutes.


Pleurotus eryngii is cut for later use.

  • 杏鲍菇鱼香肉丝的做法步骤:1


    Green pepper cut, carrot shredded, onion ginger and garlic, set aside.

  • 杏鲍菇鱼香肉丝的做法步骤:2


    After the black fungus is water, squeeze the water and shred it for later use.

  • 杏鲍菇鱼香肉丝的做法步骤:3


    Pleurotus eryngii filaments are placed in boiling water and softened until it is cooked.

  • 杏鲍菇鱼香肉丝的做法步骤:4


    Douxian Douban is chopped and chopped wild mountain pepper. A spoon of raw soy sauce, a tablespoon of vinegar, a spoon of white sugar, a teaspoon of salt, a tablespoon of cooking wine, half a bowl of water, 5 grams of starch and a bowl juice for later use.

  • 杏鲍菇鱼香肉丝的做法步骤:5


    The hot oil in the pot, put onion ginger in fragrance, put the Douban and wild mountain pepper stir -fry red oil Essence

  • 杏鲍菇鱼香肉丝的做法步骤:6


    Put the shredded pork and fry until the color is changed.

  • 杏鲍菇鱼香肉丝的做法步骤:7


    Put in Pleurotus eryngii fry for half a minute.

  • 杏鲍菇鱼香肉丝的做法步骤:8


    Put the wooden ear and carrot shred, fry until the carrot wire becomes cooked.

  • 杏鲍菇鱼香肉丝的做法步骤:9


    Put the green pepper silk and stir -fry, pour in the bowl juice.

  • 杏鲍菇鱼香肉丝的做法步骤:10


    Stir -fry the materials and seasonings evenly, sprinkle the minced garlic before the pan, you can get out of the pot.

  • 杏鲍菇鱼香肉丝的做法步骤:11


    1. It is best to use red pickled peppers or chopped pepper in fish fragrance. I did not use wild mountain pepper.

    2. The amount of condiments is only given a reference value here, and it should be added according to the actual situation.

    3. Pleurotus eryngii can save time to save water and reduce the oil absorption of Pleurotus eryngii.

  • 4. The green peppers I fried here are relatively raw. Those who like to eat them can be put in advance.

  • 5. Be sure to stir before the bowl juice, because the starch inside will sink to the bottom.


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